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Trips and Friends: What Should You Consider?

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Entering the world of adulthood entails getting used to the fast-paced lifestyle that often accompanies this new chapter in our lives. We have a lot more responsibilities to handle and, at the same time, more stress to manage through. A great way of preventing ourselves from burning out too quickly is by taking the occasional breaks, to allow ourselves to take respite from the craziness of the working world.

However, it’s understandable when we can’t get those small breaks on a daily occasion. As an alternative, we can save up for one major break in the form of a vacation. Better yet, we can go on a trip with friends with whom we likely haven’t spent a lot of time in a while.

This can be tricky, though, especially if your circle of friends has different personalities. To survive and have the best time, check out these pointers.

Make It Fair and Square

All of us are unique in terms of interests, lifestyles, and physical capabilities. That is why everyone’s opinion must be taken into account when planning for a vacation. Doing this will not only appease every participant but will ensure smooth sailing later on as well.

Whenever possible, you should hold meetings over the following details below.

  • Budget

Money is the main foundation of any trip. The budget set for the vacation can easily dictate the accommodations, itinerary, and food the group has throughout the journey. While we may want to have a large budget to have a better experience, we have to take note that not all of us have the same financial capacities.

We can either decide upon a set contribution for each participant or open a money pool where every person can add a specific amount that they’re capable of letting go without compromising their needs. This way, those of us who are better off can carry a little bit more burden to ensure the happiness of the group, without offending anyone.

  • Destination

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Following the money is the destination. Some friend groups prefer a moving trip. That is, having several destinations throughout the vacation. Others prefer making the best out of one set destination before it’s time to go home.

Regardless of our group’s choice, we must hear everyone out again when deciding upon a place to go. Alongside the destination is the time frame in which we go on said vacation. This will better tell us which locations are the perfect destinations for a specific month or day.

  • Itinerary

We have our budgets and destinations prepared. After these, the itinerary and accommodations should be taken care of. When planning for this part, a great reminder is that we can stay with our friends but not all the time.

Sure, we can choose a location that’s close to everything we want to do or places we want to visit, like hotels with the view of Space Needle in Seattle or Airbnbs near Times Square in New York. We can sleep in the same rooms and have breakfast together before we venture out separately.

Considering our different interests, this is one of the best ways to ensure the success of a trip. Having fun without anyone complaining about the activity is crucial in keeping the “fun” aspect of the vacation. Not only that, but time and space apart, even for a few hours, can be good for ourselves. Too much togetherness may have us feeling sick of each other, resulting in hotter tempers and shorter patience.

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