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A New Addition: What to Do When You Adopt a Puppy

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When you’re thinking of getting a pet, one of the best ways to do so is by adopting a puppy. This allows you to raise your dog from childhood, allowing you to get to know them and their quirks. But a puppy is a major responsibility and you need to treat them right if you want them to be great members of your household.

Here are some tips on how you can welcome them into your home:

Have the House Ready

Before you bring your puppy home, you need to be ready for their arrival. This means that you need to have a whole set of supplies ready. This includes everything from collars to water bowls. Plus, since you are adopting a puppy, you will need to have some cleaning materials ready for when they make a mess.

You should also assign a spot for them in your home while doing some puppy-proofing. Puppies can be pretty curious and this means they can get into dangerous situations by their explorations. Plus, they can be rather hard on some items they chew on. Clear up the clutter or have a separate space ready for them.

Get Them Settled

Introducing a puppy into new surroundings can be a challenge. Like any young animal, they will be curious about their new place and will want to become familiar with it. This is why it is important to get them settled in.

For the first part, most puppies will want to take naps since moving can take a lot out of them. But once they have their energy back, it is a good idea to take them around the house and bonding with them. Cuddle and pet them so that they can feel the love.


Schedule a Visit to the Vet

Puppies will need some health work done on them. This can include everything from vaccinations to testing. You must take your new pet to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Besides giving your new pet a clean bill of health, the vet will also be able to give you pointers on what your particular pet needs when it comes to staying healthy.

Look Into Some Formal Training

While you can let your puppy run wild and get used to your home, it would be much better to give them some structure and training. This will also benefit you in the long run as a disciplined pet will be better for you. The great thing about puppies is that it is perfect for training. Though you can do it on your own, it will take some effort. Professional puppy training is available in Jacksonville, Florida, and other nearby areas so you can take them to skilled trainers for obedience and house training.

Dogs are among the most loyal and lovable pets out there. You will need to treat them right to get the best results. The advice above should help you raise your new puppy properly as you welcome them into your household. With the right treatment, you will have a great time with your pet for as long as you want.

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