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5 Benefits of Getting Professional Acne Treatment

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Acne affects a wide range of population – men and women, young and old. However, adolescents are frequently affected by this skin condition more than any age group since they are in a stage in which their bodies are highly active. In the most severe cases of acne infection, the person’s entire face and even the neck area can be affected and dampen one’s self-confidence.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost for individuals with serious acne problems as there are people who can help treat such skin disease. An experienced esthetician in Utah, for one, can offer skin treatments such as facials to remove deep-seated dirt that causes acne breakouts.

Such a professional can provide the right skincare and acne treatment to address the disease and help keep one’s skin free of blemishes. Here are five benefits that you can enjoy when you tap a professional to treat your skin acne:

Proper extraction

Professional skincare practitioners know how to properly and safely extract whiteheads, blackheads, and other contaminants that clog the skin. These things trigger acne breakouts and should, therefore, be regularly extracted using appropriate equipment and skincare products. An esthetician knows how to prep up the skin and make it ready for the extraction process to facilitate quick cleaning without damaging the skin or causing undue pain to the patient.

Addressing the growth of facial bacteria

People who are constantly exposed to dust, smoke, and other skin irritants are prone to having acne. Proper skin treatment can address the growth of facial bacteria to prevent acne from forming all over the face. Professionals can apply gentle acne products to contain bacteria and keep them from causing acne breakouts.

Inhibiting sebum production

Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands and when there is too much of it, acne occurs. In the hands of a professional, sebum production can be easily inhibited to lower the risk of acne breakouts. Sebum, in the right amount, actually helps protect the skin and keeps it healthy. What an esthetician would do is to ensure that is just enough sebum produced by the sebaceous glands, which is done through various skin treatments and the application of skincare products.

Home skincare advice


You don’t have to constantly pay your dermatologist or esthetician a visit since you can do some skincare in your own home. For one, you can simply regularly wash your face with gentle soap and water before you call it a night. You can also apply some over-the-counter or prescription facial cleansers to supplement the treatment done by a skincare professional. This way, you can save big on professional fee plus gas or transportation money going to and from your doctor’s clinic.

Treatment of acne scars

If you have long been suffering from acne, chances are high that you have some acne scars that look like stains on your face. These scars can be a source of anxiety on your part and only professional treatment can remove them. The good news is that there are many treatments targeted to remove acne scars such as dermabrasions and chemical peeling. These procedures should only be done by a professional to achieve positive results and avoid further harming one’s skin.

Be sure to regularly consult with your esthetician, so you can get proper acne treatment and skincare advice. Keep in mind that acne may recur without such proactive approaches and only your doctor can offer the right service and guidance to keep acne at bay.

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