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Getting Rid of Face Acne 101

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Acne is a common problem for adolescents and young adults. It happens when red bumps or small cysts appear on the parts of the body, particularly the face. Acne is formed when the pores get clogged due to stress and hormones. It can enlarge if bacteria get inside your skin, causing inflammation. A myth is that germs and dirt cause these problems on your face, which is wrong. It is, however, a factor in its development.

As much as you want to remove your breakouts, you have to know the reason why it gets worse. Does your mom or dad have this before? If a family member also experienced that same thing when he/she was younger, it is most likely that you will obtain this problem as well. Do you use any cosmetic products? Makeup is also a factor in the progression of acne. Remember to read the label of the item you are buying. If it does not work out for your skin, immediately change it. But how do you even remove acne if it’s already there?

Here are some tips on how to get rid of acne problems:

1. Cleansing

Wash your face at least twice every day. Washing too much can lead to dry and irritable skin. Make sure to use only mild skin products like sensitive facial soap. Never use hot water as it may open up your pores, and bacteria can go in. Be gentle to your face. If you are using a facial bar, scrub it with care avoiding your eyes and mouth. Do not scrub too hard and thoroughly rinse it off.

2. Makeup Products

Buy only cosmetics that are organic or mineral ones. If ever you need to have makeup going to work or school, always rinse it when you come home. Avoid placing a foundation or concealer on top of large acne. It may have difficulty healing if you keep on putting on makeup products. Use sensitive or gentle cosmetics only, which are not oil-based. Oil-based can clog your pores that can cause breakouts. Have days when your face is free from these products as well to let your pores breathe.

3.  Medication

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There are over-the-counter treatments for acne found in drugstores. It can help in the healing process. However, it must always be checked first by reading through some reviews online. Know what your skin type is so that you can relate to what other people are using effectively. Their opinion matters at this point since you do not have a way to test it unless you buy it first. If it acts negatively on your skin, stop using the product instantly.

In Provo, there are recommended skincare doctors who have expertise in handling people with mild to severe acne. If regular or natural ways of removing these do not work, it is best to visit a dermatologist to identify and diagnose your skin issue. They are also a license to prescribe medications if needed. Fight acne trouble by looking for the best skincare solution. Be careful with the products you put on your face and consult a doctor as needed.

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