Celebrating Child's Birthday At Home

7 Steps in Planning a Children’s Birthday Party

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Children love parties. It’s a time for them to get together with their friends, play fun games, win prizes, and eat cake!

Planning a children’s birthday party might sound simple. But there are a lot of things you have to put in that party list to make sure it’s fun-filled for everyone! Here’s a guide to get you started.

Think of a theme

All good children’s parties go by a theme. It sets the whole vibe of the party and guides you in choosing your decorations, loot bags, prizes, etc.

In thinking of a theme, consider your child’s preferences. What are his or her favourite things? It can be anything, from a movie character, a superhero, or princesses. Make sure you choose a theme your child likes. After all, that’s who you’re throwing this party for.

Choose a venue

The perfect venue is crucial to a children’s birthday party. That’s because kids love to run around and play. You’ll also be playing some games, so you have to allocate some room for that. The venue you choose should have a big space, and it must be safe too.

Most children’s parties are held in backyards. If your home has a big lawn, maybe you can think about throwing your party there. That will save you the time and effort of looking for a venue. And you’ll be saving a lot of money too.

Send your invites

Invites should be sent at least two weeks before the actual date of the party to make time for your guests to plan their schedules.

Because your attendees will be children, then an electronic invitation won’t be ideal. The best way is to ask your child to give out invitations to his classmates in school. Or you can contact the children’s parents to let them know about your party.

Prepare games and activities

kids playingThe highlight of a children’s party is the games and activities. This is what the children came for! So make sure you have prepared very exciting games for your guests.

Consider the age group of the attendees. Think of what they like to do or what they would most likely enjoy. Make the games fun, relevant, and easy for them. And don’t forget the prizes!

You can also hire a clown or magician to do some magic tricks. That’s a sure way to get children entertained.

Set up your decorations

A few days before your party, you can start setting up your decorations. Remember your theme? Use it as the basis as to how you’re going to decorate the party venue. You can even ask your guests to dress up according to the theme!

Another thing is that children love bringing home souvenirs from a party. Prepare some loot bags with a ton of things inside like small toys and candy.

Prepare the food

The food should appeal to your guests too. Since they’re children, think of food that they will enjoy, like spaghetti, chicken, hotdogs, etc.

And don’t forget the cake! That’s the most important part of a birthday party. Although the birthday celebrant gets the cake, it’s a good idea to have some for your guests too. Maybe you can prepare some ready-made ice cream cakes or cupcakes for the guests.

Now that you’ve got what you need, you can plan the perfect birthday party for your child. Make it a fun and memorable experience for you, the birthday celebrant and the guests as well.

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