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5 Birthday Ideas on Your Child’s Big Day

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Planning a child’s birthday party is stressful for many parents, but the experience and memories that come along with it can be worth the all money and effort. To give your child the best day, here are five ideas to inspire you:

Bouncing castles

What is a party without a bouncing castle? Not a very good one. Bouncing castles provide a fun physical exercise for your kids to work off their sugar high. With bouncing castles coming in all shapes and sizes, this could also be a good chance to make a strong statement and have the neighborhood kids talking for weeks to come.

It is also important to have an adult watching the kids while they play. While the bouncing can be fun, it is easy for the little ones to get carried away without proper supervision. Make sure they take off their shoes and take turns so everyone gets to join in on the fun. Maybe later the adults can join, too.

Build your own cake

Nothing beats a child’s imagination, and what better way to have them exercise it than by having them design their own cake! Half chocolate and half vanilla with gummy bears, Oreos and ice cream topping; the possibilities are endless, and your child will be thrilled to contribute in some way to the party planning for the big day.

To make things easier, you can build your cake online and simply pick it up when it’s ready. So what are you waiting for? Let your child’s imagination run wild.

Themed costume party

Kids on their costumesFrom eye patches to tutus and everything in between. Make your child feel like mayor by getting to decide what everyone wears for the day. Imagine looking at pictures many years in the future and reminiscing on all the memories that were made that day by an army of uniformly dressed children.

Hire a clown

Hiring a clown might seem like the worst possible idea, what with the IT movies and the prospect of terrified children. Even with that, the right kind of clown with oversized shoes and a bright red nose juggling bowling pins is one way to take things old school and shake the party up a bit. It could also be a good chance to make your child realize that clowns are nothing to be scared of and you could save them a future of clown phobias. It’s important to find a good clown with references; you can’t have anything or anyone ruins your child’s special day.

Bubble machine

Sometimes simplicity is the best approach. Kids have the energy and imagination to make anything and everything fun. A bubble machine can provide them with hours of entertainment, chasing the bubbles around and trying to catch them, then exploding in laughter as the bubbles burst in their hands. The scene would provide many great photo and video opportunities that you can treasure for years to come.

So go ahead, start planning and make the day one your child will remember and thank you for many years to come.

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