Ideas for Evaluating Your First Date

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Finding someone who matches your dream partner is not easy because of the busy lifestyles nowadays. An active lifestyle and whatever else stops you from dating does not have to mean leading a lonely life. You can still meet people who meet your needs and make an ideal match by signing up for matchmaking services.

Consulting a professional matchmaker from NYC sounds backward and unjustifiably expensive to most people. In the past, matchmakers were mainly for the rich who had little time to meet people and wanted to be sure that the person they spent their lives with was perfect. Nowadays, matchmakers have several packages for clients. The packages primarily differ in the number of matches you will be introduced to and their timeframes. You are sure to get one that fits your budget without feeling like you are getting a raw deal. After finding a match that meets your needs, the matchmaker will set you up for a date. Here are some tactics for evaluating your match on the first date:

Eye Contact

Most people will hardly maintain eye contact on the first date because they are shy and unsure of what to expect. While understandable, be wary of a date who keeps looking around the room and hardly looks at you. If someone is continually scanning the room and looks like he/she is giving you minimal attention, he/she might not be as intent on being with you and is looking for other options.

Balanced Conversation

At times, you might find yourself as the only one asking questions and steering a conversation. Remember that you are both new and want to find out as much as possible about each other. An unbalanced discussion might indicate that your date is not interested in finding out about you and does not genuinely care. In the conversation, evaluate the tone your date takes. If he/she is pessimistic or negative, this might be someone you should avoid.


When evaluating your date, check if he/she laughs easily and genuinely. Life will be hard enough outside your relationship, and having someone you can have fun with is essential. There is, however, a thin line between a joker and someone who is fun and genuinely appreciates humor. Humor will also make the conversation on your first date easy.

Genuine Interest

Your date’s body language will help you evaluate his/her interest in you. If his/her posture is open and he/she leans forward to hear you clearly, this might indicate some genuine interest in what you have to say. Someone interested will also ask follow-up questions on what you have said.

You have to be patient when using a matchmaking service. You might go on several dates before you finally meet someone that you want to get to know a bit better. The given pointers will help you genuinely evaluate your date and see whether he/she is someone whom you might be interested in. Most matchmakers have a freeze feature where you do not meet more dates when you are getting to know one potential match.

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