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Budget Travel Strategies for Every Wanderer

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Most people think that traveling is only for millionaires. However, with smart spending and strategic planning, an ordinary person can afford to explore the world. Here are some budget travel tips you can use for your next trip:

1. Stay in hostels

If you are traveling for long periods and you are on a tight budget, hostels are great options. While they have fewer amenities than hotels, they are an inexpensive place to stay. They generally do not provide television and toiletries, but it wouldn’t cost you much inconvenience. You’re on vacation to explore new destinations and not to binge-watch your favorite TV series or stay in your accommodation 24/7.

Also, it’s not impossible to pack your travel-sized toiletries. Hostels will not provide high luxury, but they can give you the comfort you need after hours of wandering. Aside from their affordability, central London hostels are popular because of their social atmosphere. They have communal kitchens, lounges, and living spaces where you can share meals and conversations with other travelers. Some hostels even organize cookouts during holidays or offer free tours of the city.

2. Eat out less

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Many travelers want to jet off around the globe because they want to taste new cuisines such as an authentic Parisian croissant or drool-worthy Greek moussaka. However, eating out can quickly drain your travel funds. To save money on food, cook some of your meals in the hostel’s kitchen. When you’re on a tour or excursion, don’t forget to carry some snacks like granola bars to nibble on and hold you over until lunch.

It’s best to avoid eating in areas that are near tourist attractions as they tend to double their prices to a captive audience. Instead of spending on expensive bottled water, bring a reusable water container. Skip the specialty restaurants and get into the local zone. The locals would love to share their culture and recommend places where you can get the best bites around.

3. Haggle whenever appropriate

Bargaining overseas can be intimidating, but it’s a great way to snag a better price on small purchases. In general, you can negotiate for the price at flea markets, street vendors, and souvenir shops. Ask the staff at your accommodation regarding bargaining norms, so you’ll know what is negotiable and what’s fixed at a price. Shop around to compare the prices. When negotiating, do not flaunt your thick wallet; only show the cash that you wish to offer.

4. Travel during the shoulder seasons

Shoulder season is the sweet gap between the low and busy season for tourism. It differs by destination, but generally, shoulder season falls on months when most people don’t intend to travel because of some factors like kids going back to school. Because there are fewer tourists, you’ll get cheaper deals on flights, accommodations, resorts, transport, and activities. You’ll also experience fewer lines, smaller crowds, great weather, and more opportunities to interact with the locals.

These tricks can shave off some of your travel expenses so that you can realize your travel fantasies without having to spend your life savings.

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