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Types of Editing Styles for Wedding Photographs

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Your wedding photos are among the most important reminders of the biggest day in your love life. You might take considerable time to pick the best photographer from your options, but things might still go wrong.

You need not accept anything less than perfect when it comes to your wedding photos since these will remain in your family for generations. If anything in your photos does not meet your expectations, it is time to get them professionally edited.

This is also an ideal option if you want different elements to stand out. A photo touch-up service agency will have different editing styles to choose from. Most wedding photographers will lean on one editing style, but you can have the photo re-edited to suit current trends if you so wish.

The following are some of the editing styles that are all the rage now for wedding photos.

Light and Airy

The light and airy style has been around for some time but remains popular since it has quite a romantic vibe to it. Its aims to mimic the feeling and style of film photography, even though the photo is taken using a digital camera.

With the light and airy editing style, the reds and greens in your photo will be muted, and your photo will generally have a pastel color palate.

Dark and Moody

This option has only recently gained immense popularity owing to its use of lots of shadows and contrasts. To this end, it will shift the focus of your photo to the primary subject matter in it. The dark and moody editing style has a rich and dark vibe that will bring out the emotions in your image.

There is minimal truly white color since the white elements in your photo will have some tinted hue. The shadows will also be enhanced to generate a dramatic contrast between dark and light.

Clean and Vibrant

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This style centers on a natural feel and looks of your image. You want your final photo to be as close in appearance as possible to how the scene looked in reality with some vibrancy to add an artistic look.

The colors in the image are thus pretty close to the natural ones. When taken against a landscape background, wedding photos with a clean and vibrant editing style will make the couples stand out from the other elements in their image.


This editing style makes your wedding photos look like they are straight from a magazine spread. Everything in your photos will look sexy, edgy, and dramatic though you might not capture any candid moments in the final image.

The editorial editing style gives your photos a primarily artistic appearance. Some couples have opted to use the various photo editing tools online for their wedding photographs with disastrous results.

Unfortunately, if you destroy your photos, you are left with little to remember your wedding day with. You cannot afford to lose your wedding photos to some online editing tool. The above editing styles handled by professional photo editor are your best choice for getting the look you desire for your images with no risk of destroying them.

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