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3 New and Elegant Wedding Theme Ideas Worth Considering

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A very special day requires a very special idea and planning. And there is no doubt that one of the most special occasions in anybody’s lifetime is his or her wedding day.

Today, if you are planning to tie the knot with your sweetheart finally, you are very fortunate because now, a wedding video company can take your wedding photos and videos to a whole new level and produce them in ways you can only imagine.

But while you are already secured with the quality of your wedding video, the wedding theme to be used at your wedding reception in Wichita, KS, is more important. To help you with that, check out the new and catchy wedding theme ideas you will surely like to use for your special day.

1. Be God-like with ancient Greek characters

Often portrayed as godly and mythical in movies, Ancient Greece characters seem to give you that powerful and ultra-muscular feeling if you are the groom, and the feeling of being vested with eternal beauty if you are the bride.

Another fun thing to love about the Ancient Greece theme is that you can also get to make your groomsmen and bridesmaids dressed like whoever god or goddess they wish to be.

For an additional twist, if there will be no challenges with the budget, making the servers, coordinators, and ushers dress up like Spartans is an awesome idea as well.

2. Embark on country living

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Contrary to the definition of classy and elegant, the simplicity and humbling ambiance of country living wedding theme are glamorous in its own unique way. A country living theme is perfect for couples who uphold their family’s traditions and give importance to family values.

While most wedding themes give emphasis to the outfits, food and reception program, the country living theme focuses more on the venue. A venue such as a barn is a perfect venue for this theme.

It just goes to show that the existence of this wedding theme implies that there are different types of elegant and classy; it really all depends on the personality of the couple.

3. Be super with a superhero wedding

For almost a decade and a half now, people around the world were truly influenced by superheroes. This makes the superhero wedding theme as one of the most interesting wedding ideas today.

Agree or not, there is a great chance that once in your life, you have dreamed of becoming a superhero so suiting up as Captain America under your three-piece suit will be a sure hit during the reception.

A hilarious idea would be to the ringbearer wear a cape and the groomsmen to wear shirts with superhero logos underneath their suits. Needless to say, dressing up as superheroes are always worthy of picture taking regardless of the event.

A wedding day truly deserves all the special things, most of us put much energy, time, money, and effort to make each moment of our wedding precious and filled with joy. But, as much as you value a perfect wedding celebration, you must also not forget the true essence and significance of marriage.

After all, said and done, it is the day two people receive either the blessing of God or the legitimacy through the power of the law as couples for eternity.

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