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How You Can Take Genuinely Candid Wedding Pictures

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Capturing genuine emotions on still images isn’t exactly easy, particularly if you and your fiancé are shy or not comfortable with having your picture taken. However, candid photographs offer the most impact when the viewer instantly gets what you were feeling when the photo was taken, whether it’s happiness, nostalgia, sadness, or any other emotion. To make this seemingly monumental task of not posing for candid pictures easier on you, refer to these expert tips:

  • Get a photographer that you’re comfortable or have a connection with. To capture candid moments, your photographer will need to literally follow you everywhere to get those perfect shots. The same goes for the wedding video production services team you hired for your big day.
  • Go for intimate first looks. These are an excellent opportunity for you and your fiancé to share your anticipation and joy upon seeing each other. Done right, these shots will be one of the most memorable ones in your wedding album.
  • Always be in the moment even before the ceremony begins. Have your family, friends, and bridal party gather around before the actual ceremony so that your photographer can get intimate shots of your getting ready and preparing yourself for the “I Dos.”
  • Take some time alone to bask before you walk down the aisle. The moments before you reveal yourself to your friends and loved one are vital. These will give your photographer lots of intimate emotions to capture so that you can see yourself in this state later on.
  • Highlight the scenery. Posing or in this case, not posing for photos, with the scenery behind you will make for excellent candid photographs. Have fun, move around, jump, just do things that you feel like doing.

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  • Showcase, have fun, and get intimate with the bridal party. These people are your closest friends and family members and candid moments with them will make for very candid and spontaneous images that are filled with love and laughter. Capturing these joyous moments could tell a whole lot about the feel of the occasion.
  • Don’t hold off your emotions when you say your vows. This is probably one of the most momentous and notable moments in a wedding so don’t hold back and just let the camera feel what you’re feeling right in this moment — the loving glances, laughter, and the tears.
  • Make sure to get some alone time before the reception begins. This is among the most special moments of your day, where you can bask in the knowledge that you are now officially married. Take some time to focus on each other and talk about what just happened and about the time you were apart before the ceremony. This time will give your photographer lots of candid moments.

Keep in mind that the most beautiful and powerful candid photographs are those that capture impulsive joy and real feelings. These real moments will naturally take place when you allow yourself to just enjoy the day and each other. Stop worrying and controlling the day, and resist the urge to pose when you see your photographer — unless, of course, you have to.

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