Jewelry Cleaning: How Frequent Should It Be?

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Since ancient times, jewelry pieces have been pieces that people wear in their everyday lives either to show class or to complete a look. Necklaces, bangles, rings, and all types of jewelry serve a great purpose in enhancing the appearance of both men and women.

However, most people do not take care of their jewelry. But how you ask? Some pieces are made of certain material such as silver, gold, bronze, or a combination of metals. When one wears jewelry regularly, it tends to wear out over time , which could diminish its shine and appearance.

Bulk jewelry retouching service providers recommend cleaning for pieces to maintain their appearance. A common question among owners is, “What is the recommended frequency of jewelry cleaning?” There is no straight answer to this question. How frequent you need to clean the jewelry depends on certain factors.

Use of Jewelry Pieces

Since there is no limit to the jewelry pieces you can own, an individual can have as many as they can afford. You will find that in your set, some of the pieces are a favorite. Your favorite jewelry pieces are often used regularly and will exhibit more wear than those that you wear rarely. As a result, those pieces will require cleaning regularly.

Exposure to the Weather

Jewelry pieces that are in exposure to the weather elements such as sun and rain tend to wear out faster than the pieces that are not in any form of exposure. For instance, rings which are worn daily and when one is carrying out all their tasks will wear out fast. Proper care will ensure that prolonged exposure to harsh elements does not affect the ring.

Rings often exhbit the most wear and tear, so if your ring has a stone or gem, make sure to have it checked for scratches. The jewelry maker could also fix such issues.

Instruction from the Maker

Jewelry maker inspecting jewelry

When purchasing your jewelry from a seller, the packaging comes with a recommended cleaning schedule. The cleaning instructions also include the recommended cleaning products according to the material. Failure to follow these guidelines compromises the state of your jewelry. Professional cleaners understand the effects of using the wrong cleaning product. Therefore, it’s always best to follow their instructions on how to handle different jewelry pieces.

Jewelry Type

Although all jewelry pieces need regular care, some pieces require more attention than others. This depends on the style and the material. For example, semi-mounted pieces need more cleaning than ordinary pieces. A professional jewelry cleaner can advise you best on the recommended cleaning schedule for your jewelry depending on the type.

Jewelry rings

Cleaning your rings and necklaces a regularly will ensure that it keeps looking great every time you wear it. Also, jewelry can become family heirlooms if you clean them properly. Even then, you must get professional jewelry retouching services from bulk jewelry retouching services providers. These professionals handle jewelry of different types and provide exceptional service. They will also advise you on the best way to keep your pieces in between the retouching visits.


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