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How to Make Yourself Fall Asleep Faster

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Can’t seem to keep your mind from racing as you’re about to sleep? There’s no doubt that a racing mind could be a massive obstacle to restful sleep. This is, in fact, among the most common issues that individuals with insomnia struggle with, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

If insufficient slumber is interfering with your daily tasks, seek a doctor or sleep specialist for help. Otherwise, below are some sleep-inducing steps you can take.

Sleep at the Same Time Every Night

Having a consistent sleep schedule is one of the most vital foundations of restful slumber. This will also help you train your mind to sleep on schedule. Trying to sleep when your mind isn’t ready yet will just make it more alive and stimulated.

Build a Sleep Routine to Turn Off Your Mind

While most people think that sleeping is just like breathing, this is far from the truth. Most people can’t just tell their mind to sleep like they tell their lungs to breathe. The busyness of modern life is filled with endless stimulation that your brain must process. So, if you fail to quiet your mind, it will just keep on working even when your body is already exhausted.

That being said, do things that relax you as you prepare your mind for bed and be consistent. In time, you’ll be able to train your mind to anticipate sleep once you’ve done your relaxation routine.

Keep All Devices Away

Stop tinkering with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop before bedtime. Aside from reducing your production of melatonin due to exposure to blue light, it can also increase feelings of stress or anxiety particularly if you see stressful or disturbing news online. So, to keep electronic gadgets from ruining your sleep, set aside all devices at least 30 minutes before hitting the sack.

Start a Gratitude Journal

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Quiet your mind and free it from the day’s worries by thinking of all the positive things that happened during your day and writing them down in your gratitude journal. Buy a journal with a design and paper you love and a couple of journaling pens. You don’t even have to write an exhaustive list; just three or five things a day will do. The key is to list down things you’re thankful for.

Do the 4-7-8 Breathing Technique

There’s an excellent reason deep breathing works for stress. For your body and mind to succumb to sleep, you have to slow down your heart rate. The right breathing method like the 4-7-8 technique can really help you steady your heart rate.

Begin by inhaling for four seconds, holding your breath for seven seconds, and exhaling deeply for eight seconds. Do this until you feel your heart rate slowing down considerably.

Keep in mind that all people will have difficulty falling asleep at some point in their life. This is where the tips above come in. They will help you relax your overactive mind and prevent it from becoming a habit that you can’t break on your own.

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