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What Is the Best Mattress for You?

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Your mattress contributes a lot to a night of good sleep. The material comfort and orthopedic design should speak of its quality and reliability. But the backs and necks of people respond differently to types of mattresses. One mattress may support your spine, but its foam may be too firm to be considered comfortable. So, finding the best one for your body is never easy. If you are searching for a new mattress in Utah, you will be overwhelmed by the options. But what are the most common types of beds? And what are the types that you should consider?

Memory Foam

Memory foams are arguably the most preferred due to its double benefits of support and comfort. Conforming to your body, the foam gives you a good night’s sleep even if you sleep on your side. This mattress seems to “hug” you well whatever your sleep position is. To add to the benefits, this mattress has several layers to prevent sagging.


The Innerspring type is the traditional coil mattress. The coils, which may vary in shape and gauges, serve as the primary support mechanism to the body. The more the coils are and the more they are evenly distributed, the better the quality and comfort. This mattress is best for any back, side, or tummy sleeper.

Latex Mattresses

Instead of memory foam, the latex mattress, of course, uses latex foam. Latex can be made from synthetic materials or natural materials. It is firm and soft enough to any type of sleeper. It is also less dense than a memory foam, releasing less heat in the process. This makes this mattress type perfect for those who find the higher heating propensity of memory foams uncomfortable.

Smart Gel

Family testing a mattressThe smart gel mattress is a mix of foam and gel. The foam is a memory foam, but the feeling is not like memory foam’s. An improvement of how heat is better dissipated, the smart gel can absorb your body’s heat and release it effectively. As such, the smart gel foam is best for sleepers who want to do away with the heat.

Pillow Tops

The pillow top foam is best for side sleepers. It can be an option for those who like the memory foam and the smart gel types. This type is very soft, having the same conforming feature as the memory foam. One thing about pillow tops is that they can come with coils to add more support.

Water Bed

Water is the water bed’s support material. This type of mattress, padded with either fiber or foam, is best for back sleepers. Water may be free-flowing or waveless (as restricted by fibers). Choosing one sub-type over another should depend on your preferred level of flexibility.

Air Bed

The air bed, also best for back sleepers, works the same way as the water bed. However, the air chamber is adjustable, which gives you some room to increase or decrease the mattress’ firmness. There are some brands that offer you options to make adjustments separately.

Choosing the right mattress might still not be that easy. You will also have to consider your preferences, what you are used to, plus other personal factors. But what helps is that every mattress type available in the market now has features that cater to different types of sleepers.

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