How Are You Paying for Your Wedding?

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Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding day. You want it as close to the royal wedding as possible–even if you don’t have that much money to spend. Implementing the plan is tough because of the markup added to expenses when you tell vendors it’s for a wedding, but this doesn’t mean you have to spend all your savings on one particular day.

You still have to think about your future as a married couple, so be wise when it comes to paying for your wedding and all other related costs. Let’s break it down for you. 

The Engagement Ring 

Engagement ring set

Your expenses start when you pop the question. It’s an emotional time in your life, and you might get conflicting tips from your friends, but know that you don’t have to spend more than what you can afford to get the perfect ring. Whatever fits your budget, whether it’s natural or lab-made diamond rings, and regardless of the size, your significant other will love it. They will not answer your proposal depending on the size of the ring, and they might not even know how much it costs. This means you can save hundreds of dollars by looking at different options and going for the wisest choice. Your beloved will appreciate a wise decision instead of an extravagant lie. Prepare for this expense months in advance so that it will not add to the bulk of your financial strain come wedding day. 

The Wedding Venue

When it comes to the wedding proper, all decisions are made as a couple. This is where the budget can be thrown out of the window because of exorbitant reservation fees, which are non-refundable. You can save some money by booking in advance so the sooner you decide on the details of your wedding, the better. Even if you plan to get married next year, you can start making calls now. This also ensures that wedding vendors are available on the day of your wedding and they will not charge for urgent fees. You get a pick of the vendors you genuinely want for your wedding when you book way ahead; do it at the last minute, and your first options might already be busy, which means you’ll need to settle for whatever rates the remaining vendors give you. 

The Honeymoon

Bride and groom going on Honeymoon

Here, each couple might decide differently. Some couples want to brainstorm together, while others want to surprise their partner with the perfect honeymoon destination. It’s more practical to talk it out so that you can have an idea of how much you’re willing to spend financially. However, you can also splurge a little and use your credit cards to pay for the reservations, spreading them out over months. You’re still recovering financially from everything you spent on the wedding, so, understandably, you’ll want to pay for the honeymoon in installments. 

However simple or extravagant your wedding is, you’ll want to be prepared financially for every step of the union. From the engagement to the honeymoon, be smart instead of paying for big purchases at the last minute.

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