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Broken Marriage: Giving Love Another Shot

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Marriage is sacred, but why is it that in many times, people get divorced? There are many married couples who want to go their separate ways, forgetting how they loved each other. If you’re having this problem as well, going to relationship counseling sessions in your Salt Lake City, Utah neighborhood may enlighten you. Listed below are some tips that you can follow to save your marriage. Do these things and see your partner in a new light:

Couple Issues

What are your issues? It’s possible that you have a lot, or maybe just one issue but you feel that it is so important. No matter how trivial it is, your marriage matters more. Don’t let such issues ruin it. Talk about it even if you’re scared of arguments. Give enough time to sit and explain to each other what the other is bothered about.

No Sarcasm

Some marriages fall because one or both like to blame, accuse, show anger, or make snide remarks. While you can’t avoid arguments from time to time, making a habit out of these can wreck the relationship. Put yourself in the shoe of your partner and see where they’re coming from. Don’t be harsh. For all, you know your partner is going through something. Instead of going into arguments, ask how they’ve been. Talk to your partner about the problem calmly.

Don’t Try to Change Your Partner

No one is perfect. Your partner does a lot of weird things, and that makes your partner unique. You can’t change that. However, you can change your attitude and acceptance of the things you can’t change. You can also explain to your partner if, for example, the toothpaste is left open again. You can ask nicely that the toothpaste must be closed and put where it belongs.

Making Decisions Together

Being married means deciding on many things together. You’re not “alone” anymore. You’ve got someone to share life’s moments with. With that, there are things you need to be sharing like making decisions. This is tricky because you may have opposing beliefs or ideas. That’s why it’s important that there’s cooperation between the two of you. Have mutual respect so arriving at a decision isn’t hard.

Be the Positive Driving Force of the Relationship

As an individual, your partner may also go through self-doubt and other complicated feelings. Show some love by appreciation, hugging, touching, and smiling. It won’t hurt if you initiate fun activities to take the worry off your partner’s shoulders. You can give little tokens of gratitude or preparing a delicious meal to enjoy after a tiring day. Remember that marriage is not always sunshine and rainbows. Often, it takes a lot of work, but if you’re committed, then no one can stop you to stay that way.

Addiction, Anger, and Affairs

couple quarelling in front of a counselorToo many things can drive the destruction of marriages. Don’t let this happen to yours. First, don’t ruin the marriage by having an affair. This is a total betrayal to your wedding vows. You also can’t run a relationship being angry with each other all the time. It’s tiring. Addictions will also cause any marriage to fall apart.


Look for inspirations outside of marriage like your parents. Many older generations have maintained their marriages. They’ve sure got some secret. Ask them about it and tweak it to your liking.

Who says marriage is easy? There are times your partner will drive you insane and you’re bound to get frustrated. However, marriage is also fun and you get to spend your life with the person you chose to love forever. Be patient, be loving, and be determined to make it work. After all, you married this person for a reason. That is because you love this person.

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