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Yes, There’s Really Such a Thing as “The Pregnancy Glow”

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Some women loathe some of the side effects that come with being pregnant—morning sickness, mood swings, swollen feet, and dull skin. While in addition to the gift of life itself, others are blessed with that lovely pregnancy glow. That being said, there are mommas-to-be that end up being more excited than others with this pregnancy perk. Read on to find out about the science behind the pregnancy glow.

Clear Glowing Complexion

Because of the morning sickness, sudden mood swings, and bloat, it’s common for many moms-to-be not to feel beautiful and sexy. Some women though experience a respite from their acne and related skin issues. The reason for this is that during pregnancy, hormones usually balance themselves out, and as a result, help address various skin issues in some women. This hormonal balance is why so many women take birth control pills to control their acne because the pills simulate this exact hormonal stage of pregnancy.

Rosy Skin

Some mamas can also get away without putting on blush because of that fresh-faced, naturally rosy skin they get while expecting. During pregnancy, their blood volume increases, giving women that natural flushed look, like what you get following a workout. The activity of the sweat glands likewise increases, giving you that subtle sheen.

Smooth and Plump Skin

During pregnancy, the turnover or shedding of dead skin cells also increases, revealing fresh skin cells that are plump. This increases the overall smoothness and radiance of your skin. In order to maintain and further optimize this perk, you can try one of Decleor Paris’ popular products — the Green Mandarin Might Balm. It is a 100% natural night balm with carnauba and bees waxes enriched with a blend of citrus oils including lemon, grapefruit, and sweet orange. It offers energy-boosting tender loving care to your skin while you sleep, so you wake with plump, glowing, and radiant skin. Users especially love its “cocooning texture” that’s not sticky or too slippery.

Shiny Locks

Hair has three distinct phases, which includes the growth, resting, and shedding phases. When you’re expecting, the growth phase is usually longer, meaning that more of your locks remain in place. In addition, up to 95% of your hair might be growing when you’re pregnant, which makes your hair thicker and in some cases, darker. On the other hand, once you’ve given birth, as much as 40% of your locks will go into the resting phase so you might experience a mass shedding after a couple of months.

Strong and Healthy Nails

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Lots of expectant mothers notice their nails getting stronger and grow faster. The reason for this is similar to your mane, your nails are composed of keratin, so they respond to pregnancy changes in the same way.

Biology and hormones aside, there is no doubt that this gorgeous glow comes from within. Put simply what women go through, from being pregnant to giving birth undeniably impacts how they feel and look. So enjoy these pregnancy perks while they last and worry about the other stuff later.

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