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Awesome Reasons to Go for Environment-Friendly Consumable Gifts

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Are you looking to impress someone with something beautiful and actually useful? Here’s a level up from the rookie status of gift-giving and see why environment-friendly gifts have become the popular option for the expert gift-givers out there.

It’s Clutter-Free

Let’s face it. We all had received a few things we’re not exactly crazy about, and more often than not, these things would find their way to the donation box or to its new owner who’s in one of the white elephant exchange gift parties we go to.

But if you buy or purchase food hampers, for example, you’re giving someone something that they can actually enjoy, and you’re giving Mother Nature a break, too! You can even personalise a hamper with the receiver’s favourites, which provides the gift with a personal touch.

There’s no bulky stuff for them to keep, no storage space to worry about or no unused item disposal to deal with clutter-free gifts.

It’s Practical Yet Stylish

Echoing the point mentioned above, consumable gifts have become the new handy option for practical gift givers for its usefulness and value. One of the things to consider when selecting a gift is whether the receiver will be able to make use of it or not; this is one less thing to worry about when you’re going to give consumables.

And while it’s the ultimate practical gift, it actually is a very stylish and fabulous gift idea. It’s classy, it’s chic, and it’s easy to customise if you want to.

It’s Easier to Store

Consumable gifts are easier to store; either they go to the cupboard, the wine rack, or the fridge. Other consumables like scented candles and aromatic oils can be stored in temporary locations or serve as decorative pieces on the console or the coffee table.

There is no need for the receiver to look for a place to clear out a space to make room for storing these items long term. And for those who prefer to live with just the essentials, gifts like these will be much appreciated.

It’s Good for Any Occasion

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One other tough decision making involved in gift giving is whether or not we’re giving the appropriate gift for the right occasion. This is not a problem when opting for consumables – be it food or non-food items. How many times have you scrambled for ideas, thinking about it for days, only to come up with nothing a day before the occasion?

With consumable gifts like food hampers, wine, baked goods and boxes of chocolates, you can never go wrong. Aside from being easy to put together, you can customise it based on the receiver’s taste in wine or their favourite food.

You can put together a sweet and savoury food basket, put together bars and boxes of chocolates — you can even pair it with a bottle of drink to level up the present — the options are endless.

More often than not, once these items have been entirely consumed, it only leaves behind its container that can either be repurposed or sent for recycling. It more of going the closed loop route where the recyclable part ends up where it’s supposed to end up in, and the reusable part can be given new purpose after.

And in today’s world where everything is done digitally, a handwritten note to complete your gift, is a wonderful way to make it even more personal; it adds to the thoughtfulness of the gift, and in the end, it really is what matters. So, make it count by giving purposeful, mindful gifts, and you’ll never go wrong.

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