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Watch Out, The Modern Diet Isn’t As Healthy As We’d Like

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We think that food is one of the most incredible things out there that you can enjoy, from tasty dishes, fulfilling main courses, and the sweet touch of that first bite to dessert, nothing compares to the happiness and satisfaction a good meal gets you. However, in today’s modern landscape, most of the products and stuff we get off the shelves aren’t as healthy as we’d like and have taken a turn for the worst.

While there are healthy options out there if you look hard enough, there’s a growing problem with the modern diet. So, today we’ll be going over some issues with everyday food and how our current diets are ruining our health and capacity to lead a fulfilling life. In doing so, we hope to raise awareness and wave the flag of healthy living, to teach everyone to be more picky and wise with their food selection.

The “Overabundance” Of Sugar

Everybody loves their share of sweets, and there’s nothing sweeter to look at than an exciting horoscope reading for the week ahead. However, once we shift our focus toward food, it’s pretty safe to say that we see an overabundance of sugar in all of the things we eat. From breakfast to dinner and even the little midnight snacks we have during our binge-watching runs, it’s almost like we’re stuffing spoonfuls of sugar into our mouth!

  • Breakfast Is Becoming Morning Dessert: We won’t deny that we love our fair share of pancakes, cereal, or coffee to start the day right. It’s the breakfast we grew up knowing. But, once we look into the nutritional contents of cereals and other typical breakfast items, we begin to notice the shift from a healthy breakfast to a glorified morning dessert. All of them are packed with sugar way above our recommended daily intake and worsen our overall health.
  • Super Addictive: What’s worse, sugar itself is super addictive, which is one of the reasons why companies always include it in their ingredients. As a result, it’s almost impossible to avoid sugar in everything you eat, and if you cut yourself a bit too sudden, you might end up relapsing, experiencing withdrawal, and lead to binge eating.

Grains Can Be Deceiving

Grains, or whole grains, to be precise, are jampacked with nutrients and an excellent way to give your body the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to keep healthy. However, most of the grains we see on the ingredients list of most food products are refined, processed, and stripped of all their health benefits. So, what happens to all these grains when digested? They break down into nothing else but — sugar.

  • Nothing But Carbs: Yes, carbs are necessary and important for the body, but a diet that’s very high in carbs isn’t really recommended unless you’re a high-performance athlete that needs to store extra sources of energy like a long-distance runner. As a result, when your average everyday person ends up eating way too many carbs, they’re at an increased risk of adverse effects such as developing heart disease.
  • Bad For Metabolic Health: Although this can be easily resolved by being observant and responsible for the portion sizes you give yourself, most of the easy-to-cook or meal-to-order stuff is jampacked with way too many carbs. It almost becomes unavoidable for the regular person to avoid an exorbitant amount in their diets.

Corn Is Everywhere, In A Bad Way


Ah yes, everybody surely loves corn, whether on a cob, in your soup, or as toppings on your favorite dish; these bad boys work in so many recipes and are densely packed with nutrients. However, most food manufacturers manipulate corn and use it as fillers in their products. They are refined and process down to their most basic components, to the point that the body no longer recognizes them as corn!

  • High-Fructose Corn Syrup: If sugar wasn’t already worse enough, high-fructose corn syrup is literally a juiced-up version that’s stronger and more detrimental to your health. Apart from health issues and unexpected weight gain, all those sugary drinks and sodas also cause tooth decay and worsen your gum health, which will call for a professional dental and orthodontics treatment to get it fixed.

Don’t Let Today’s Food Fool You.

Look, the pandemic stress is worse enough, so don’t let today’s food fool you into its facade of “healthy eating.” We strongly recommend everyone to be more vigilant with their food choice and proactively raise awareness about the dangers of the modern diet. So, feel free to share this topic with friends and family, so more of us can be enlightened about what a real healthy diety should look like.

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