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Movies that Present and Help Empower Women

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You’re sitting there wondering what to do with all your free time at home because of the pandemic. If you’ve finished the tasks you need to do for today, grab a bowl of popcorn and sit in front of your television screen for a relaxing experience.

If you don’t know what to watch yet, remember that March 8 is International Women’s Day. As the day nears, it’s about time that we re-establish women’s position in our society. This article will help you locate the best films about women empowerment.

Best Movies About Women Empowerment

Gone are the days when women’s stories are left untold. We are now blessed to share different tales with the whole world and speak the truth. If you want your story to be heard, now’s the best time to collaborate with a film production company and join the list of the best movies that helped empower women.

Star Wars

Did you think the Star Wars franchise is nothing but endless battles between good and evil in a galaxy far away? Think again. From their earliest to the latest movies, we’ve seen women playing important roles like high-ranking officials or heroes of the story. While there are certainly major bumps in the film series, iconic women have made it a point to showcase how women can shape not just the film industry but also the entire world.


Of all the Disney films about princesses and their princes, perhaps Mulan is the best candidate for women empowerment. The film showed that not every princess needs a prince to become worthy of people’s attention. While Disney is not known for political correctness, Mulan was already showcasing that women are not just as capable and brave as men but can rise higher than them. This was back in 1998 when women empowerment was not yet as prominent as we know it today!

Kill Bill

Of all the movies directed by Quentin Tarantino, it is the Kill Bill film series that have made an impact on women empowerment. A story centered on a woman seeking revenge on the man who ruined her life, Kill Bill showcases the burning passion that lies deep in every female’s heart. Not to mention how Uma Thurman made the iconic character fearless and fiery.


Created in 2013, this movie, inspired by a true story about a half-black, illegitimate child of an admiral, has garnered multiple nominations and awards in the following years. Belle is set in 18th century England when racism is one of the biggest issues society faces. This movie shows how a woman can persevere despite the harsh truth of marginalization and other social disadvantages.

The Wizard of Oz

The protagonist in this movie has a cute dog. If that’s not enough to get you reeled in, let us tell you that The Wizard of Oz is one of the best masterpieces in the film industry of all time despite having been created in 1939. Who would’ve thought that a movie back in the day was already teaching women they can take control of their destiny and even rescue or call out clueless and condescending men in the process?

Mad Max: Fury Road

Anyone who has seen Mad Max: Fury Road and claimed that it’s just about emancipating masculinity because the thrilling scenes should probably watch the movie again. This film cemented its name in women empowerment back in 2015 because of how it ended; abusive men controlled a group of women, and a lieutenant risked her life to save them.

Wonder Woman

Should we say more? It’s already in the title of the movie itself. Who said that superhero movies should only be about men with power? There are lots of life lessons from Wonder Woman that both men and women should pick up on. This film has not just slain the box office but has also shown young girls how women can become superheroes, even in a male-dominated movie genre.

Real Women Have Curves

Adapted from a book of the same name, Real Women Have Curves was released in 2002. It is a coming-of-age film about a woman taking control of her life and making decisions for herself. Do you want to know what makes this movie even more interesting? It’s written, produced, and directed by an all-women crew.

We’ve come so far in a matter of decades, but the journey is not yet over. Everywhere in the world, women are still suffering from the harsh realities of stereotyping and discrimination. Fortunately, the film industry is making strides towards showing the world that women can shape the world. Various films stand up for those who still can’t, and that representation is what we need to rise above.

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