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Spring Flowering Shrubs You Should Plant in Your Commercial Property

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Flowers, as is commonly known, depict the arrival of spring. On top of being colorful and bright, they offer a delicately fragrant smell that fills the air.

If you’re going to introduce new plants to your commercial property, consider flowering shrubs. The colorful flowers, along with their refreshing scent, will help your customers, visitors, shoppers, or employees feel relaxed at your property. Additionally, flowers make people happy. According to an article by Psychology Today, flowers trigger the “happy” chemicals of serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine in the brain.

Once winter in your area is over, consider asking your commercial landscaping service provider to plant the following flowering shrubs:

Korean Spice Viburnum

This shrub has beautiful qualities that make it ideal for landscaping any property. Its flowers have a pink shade as they open white and bright in the early days of spring. Apart from looking stunning, they give off a spicy but sweet aroma. Once fall rolls in, they can beautifully color a commercial property by their unique combination of red and orange shades.

Japanese Pieris

The unique broadleaf structure of this underrated flowering shrub helps the plant stand out from the rest of the flora in your landscape. The shrub also has dropping clusters that are great for decorating corners of a retail store and other commercial spaces.

During spring, you’ll notice that the shrub’s white flowers are similar to the lily of the valley. When the shrub’s leaves emerge, they come out as orange bronze. They eventually transform into glossy dark green upon maturity.

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The loropetalum is perfect for commercial properties that need a foundational plant which offers total solid coverage. One of the varieties you can look at is the Ruby loropetalum.  This beautiful and delicate plant is an excellent option because:

  • Its small, ruby-colored flowers provide excellent coverage
  • It can thrive well under sunlight
  • Its leaves are bright ruby red, which helps it stands out from other plants in your lawn
  • It adds more color and life to any commercial space

Dwarf Fothergilla

This evergreen shrub, otherwise known as the bottle brush, has white and fluffy flowers that give off an exquisite fragrance. While the shrub begins flowering early in spring, you’ll find that it has multi-season blooms. During autumn, the plant changes into a beautiful medley of colors, including orange, red, and yellow, which make a commercial space look lovely.

Taking care of a Dwarf Fothergilla is a breeze. It requires minimal maintenance and thrives in both partial and direct sunlight.

Bloom-a-thon Azalea

Think of this plant as a typical azalea, but on steroids. Its shrubs, similar to the traditional varieties, flower in early spring. What makes the shrubs different, however, is that they also flower in summer. Its flowers last up to almost two months in spring and up to 12 weeks in fall.

These are flowering shrubs you can consider planting to ward off the gray gloom of winter and welcome the arrival of a new season. Whatever plants you choose, keep in mind that they can give your commercial property a competitive edge. Having plants in your shop, building or office yard livens up the place and cheers up your customers.

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