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Dining with a View in Singapore

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Dining has always been an exciting experience in Singapore. Even before hipster cafes and chic restaurants started to dot the cityscape, the allure of its cuisine has been an attraction to locals and tourists alike. Now some restaurants are taking the cue to take fine dining to new heights–literally.

There are many of these hidden gems in the city-state. These rooftop dining restaurants offer local Singaporean food and drinks and serve it with a distinctive flair and twist. Travellers and tourists should take the opportunity to see the city in a new way while enjoying the tastes and flavours of Singapore.

Dining with a View

There are many rooftop dining experiences that you can find in Singapore, and all of them offer a unique view of the city. If you want to see Marina Bay and the outlines of Malaysia, consider looking for rooftop restaurants on Sentosa Island. You could also choose rooftop restaurant bars, so you could eat the best Singapore cuisine and meet new people.

Some bars serve traditional, well-loved Singaporean fare with a twist. You’ll find local favourites such as Ramly burger buns and chicken satay, but you will also find other Asian fares such as Korean dishes and Japanese sushi. These rooftop bars offer cocktails, beers, liquors and that perennial favourite, the Singapore Sling. All of which can make guests relax and enjoy the evening.

It’s All About the Ambience

Rooftop restaurants and bars create different moods and atmospheres, so their guests could temporarily forget the corporate jungle that is Singapore. The decor can be quirky and fun or focus on Asian themes that form a part of Singapore culture.

These rooftop restaurants and bars can be elegant or casual, but all of them are entertaining and offer every kind of diner experience for all the senses.

They could offer vegan food along with local favourites, but they also keep tea and coffee culture alive. Singapore is no stranger to the milk tea craze, and some bars offer ice-cold tea with a twist. They mix it with liqueurs and alcohol to create new and interesting drinks.

Mementoes and Memories

Marina Bay Sand Singapore at dusk

Singapore offers the traveller many opportunities to create happy memories, but visitors could find many souvenirs and novelty items near these restaurants and bars that will remind them of their fun time on the island-state. Some of these restaurants also support local artists whose creativity are making news in the international art scene. But even with this recognition, these artists offer visitors the chance to own a piece of their work through social media channels and the Internet. There are also shops that support local artisans and products, making them the best places for souvenir shopping.

Singapore’s unique history has made it one of the best places to experience world-class fine dining in Southeast Asia, but aside from this it also has special restaurants and bars that give all kinds of diners an experience they will never forget and a view that will stay with them for a lifetime.

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