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Scalp Micropigmentation: Why Get One?

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Losing hair can be a devastating blow to a person’s self-confidence, which could lead to anxiety, social withdrawal, and other psychological effects. For many people who are living in Nevada and other states across the country, the easiest way to cover up hair loss is through a wig that is commercially available. However, it poses some potentially embarrassing scenarios, such as the wig accidentally falling off one’s head in front of everyone.

Meanwhile, other people opt for hair transplant methods that are safer and permanent but are costly. Fortunately, there’s a cost-effective and safe procedure of covering up one’s hair loss; it is called scalp micropigmentation or SMP in Nevada and other parts of the world. There are companies specializing in SMP these days, so people with hair loss problems can undergo the procedure.

SMP is essentially hair tattoo, which aims to address issues such as loss of confidence and fear of rejection, as well as bring back a sense of normalcy for people with hair loss problems. But before you consider having one, you must learn more about it to know if it suits your needs.

Reasons to get scalp micropigmentation

The first question that we should answer is why do people get scalp micropigmentation when there are other options around?

Here are various reasons many people decide to get this procedure:

  • Natural hair loss. This occurs due to aging or genetic condition. The common symptoms include balding, thinning of hair, and receding hairline. Many people who have lost a huge amount of hair or have lost their hair totally opt for SMP.
  • Alopecia. This condition is also called androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness. For some people, the hair grows back while others become totally bald in certain spots.
  • Hair loss due to illness. Illnesses such as cancer are known to cause gradual and sometimes rapid hair loss. Medical procedures such as chemotherapy further aggravate the situation.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle. Many individuals with an unhealthy lifestyle are known to suffer from hair loss. Those who are into smoking, improper diet, and alcoholism are prone to this condition.
  • Accidents and surgeries. Burn and surgery-related hair loss are also common among individuals who choose to undergo SMP.
  • Trauma and depression. Many people are not aware that emotional and psychological conditions such as depression and trauma can lead to hair loss.
  • Hormonal changes. Pregnancy can, at times, result in hair loss.

Benefits of the procedure

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Meanwhile, here are the different benefits of scalp micropigmentation that make it a favorite among Nevada residents:

  • Lasts long. No more burden and anxiety associated with wearing a wig. SMP typically lasts for several years, so it’s a wise investment to make.
  • Low maintenance. Never worry again about spending money on hair gel or other styling products. SMP eliminates the need for those.
  • Realistic. A skilled SMP specialist can make it look like you have real hair on you. In fact, some results are so realistic that it would need a really close examination to determine that it’s actually a hair tattoo.
  • Quick. Only a few sessions are required to fully achieve a shaved-head appearance.
  • Heals quickly. Due to its non-invasive nature, SMP can heal after a few days.
  • Safe. No incision or chemicals, so it’s a totally safe procedure.
  • Affordable. Compared to hair transplant, SMP is the cost-efficient choice.

With these essential pieces of information, you should easily determine if SMP if the right hair loss solution option for you. You will soon get your self-confidence and your life back.

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