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Life and Love Lesson: Three Habits of the Best, Most Thoughtful Gift-givers

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Everybody has that friend who always gives the best gifts. It seems as if they effortlessly do it. When they think of a person, they just know in an instant what to buy and wrap. But the secret to excellent gift giving is in the habits, the things they constantly do. The routines below make thoughtful giving second nature to these people:

They plan well

When they flip their calendars and welcome a new month, they’re already anticipating the special events coming. It’s the birthday of their office colleague. It’s the graduation of their niece. With this kind of thinking, they’re able to plan their gifts better. Beyond the dates, they also consider the very person receiving the presents. They think of the needs, the interests, and even the love language of the person.

They get to give their coworker a facial treatment gift certificate, knowing that it would be a welcome stress relief from the busy work lifestyle. They’re able to find their niece who has just graduated a blouse-dress pants combo perfect for job interviews. If you want to be a better gift-giver, plan well. Plot the important, special dates. Remember what’s important and special to your family and friends. From there, hit some gift shops in Phoenix, Arizona to find unique items.

They make gifts personal

Small gift boxesWhat makes thoughtful givers’ gifts so sincere is the fact that they’re almost always personal. They have a special touch to them. More often than not, they’re focused on a shared memory. They may have given you a simple travel suitcase. But along with it comes a teddy bear replica of the comfort toy they always saw in your bedroom when you were a child. It’s like giving you a sense of “home” even when you’re in a far-away country.

Sometimes they’d give you a scrapbook kit. But it won’t be without Polaroid photos of your vacation trips with them. If you’d notice, they also go beyond material objects. They give you an experience. On your first year wedding anniversary, your thoughtful spouse probably took you to the restaurant you first had your date. The bottom line here is that if you want to be a better gift-giver, make it really personal by giving them nostalgia feels.

They ask directly

A lot of people mistakenly assume that best gift-givers don’t ask what their family and friends want to receive. They just know. They just feel it in their gut. Plus, they don’t want to spoil the surprise. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the best gift-givers, even though they do what they do so well, can’t read people’s minds. Also, they could be wrong about what they assume to be what you want.

Thoughtful gift-givers are very much aware of this. That’s why when they’re in doubt, they take the time to ask their loved ones directly. Do the same. You reaching out to your friend what they want to get on their birthday will be appreciated for sure. Also, you’ll be able to make your shopping far less overwhelming. You know what you’re looking for, so it’s just a matter of finding it.

Observe the best gift-givers in your family or your squad, and you will find these habits in them. If you want to be like them, start practicing these routines.

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