Infuse Your Brand: How to Craft a Consistent Experience with Your Business

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Running a business, you’ll definitely be asked the question, “What is your brand?” and you would be ready to answer. After all, almost every startup defines itself as a brand from the beginning. But, it pays to examine and reevaluate how you are communicating your identity and find ways to improve.

An authentic and compelling brand is the result of time and creative effort. Establishing a presence on social media and making good use of online services, video production, and graphic design are all vital to modern success. The best brands do all these and even take them further. Here’s how you can craft a brand experience that infuses your entire business:

Define your story

A lot of the advice you’ll hear about good branding practices involve storytelling. But, good storytelling can easily churn out entertainment — things that catch your attention for a while, then dissipate. You need to have a foundation of clear identity first.

What is that one thing which defines your brand? It can be a specific service you offer or perhaps something niche that no one else does. It could be the way in which you conduct your operations. For example, using entirely sustainable materials in manufacturing. It can be the stories of your customers, and how their experiences with your products have enhanced their lives.

Remember that you don’t have to feel constrained by how your business started out since your story can evolve. People can relate to change, and they love a sense of progress in the hero’s journey. Reference your origins as you bring your new direction into perspective.

Establish your language

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People are visual creatures, and in the digital age, we are constantly bombarded by visuals on our devices because this is the fastest and most dominant way most of us process information. Still, it’s vital not to ignore the element of language. Visuals create an immediate impression, but language is the subtle follow up that explains and helps us understand or slants our interpretation in a particular way. Many well-designed presentations, websites, and ads fall flat because the language defaults to clichés and business-speak.

Take the time to develop a particular tone, turn of phrase, or certain words that aren’t commonly used. Bring creative writing help onboard. Whatever it takes, developing your brand language is like having a unique voice, as it lends personality and authenticity to your efforts.

Infuse it

Today’s generation is increasingly well-informed. It’s not just Millennials, although they comprise arguably the most important demographic of any customer base. Older generations are getting tech-savvy, and the youngest of us now pick up devices like it’s second nature. With a smart audience, one mistake you can’t make is to be inconsistent. Your brand message has to be clear and present in everything you do. Trends and buzzwords come and go, but for some old school advice, just embody your story. Let your brand permeate your organization, without being obnoxious.

This is where the craft of creative storytelling works its magic. Any writer will tell you that writing stories is hard. The only secret is keeping at it relentlessly. Put an effort into making your brand presence felt everywhere. If you do it right, every customer will have a great brand experience from any facet of your business that they encounter.

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