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A Men’s Guide for Grooming Ahead of a Job Interview

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We all experience jitters ahead of a job interview. You might feel invested in a company that you would sacrifice a lot of things to help you land the job you want, but it won’t matter if you fail the first test. Try to rehearse your communication skills and improve your resume days before the interview. You must prepare answers to questions that you think you might have a problem explaining as well.

Apart from what’s mentioned, you should also focus on how well you look. Proper grooming and presentation are key factors in helping you land a job. Here are a few personal hygiene tips for men facing an interview:

Facial Hair Should Be Neat

Presenting yourself as a professional is important in a corporate interview. Keep your hair neat to help you pull off a formal look. Consider applying gel or wax on your hair to prevent it from making you look like you just got out of bed. You must also shave your facial hair to keep it from distracting the interviewer. If you want your mustache to stay, at least have it trimmed neatly. Avoid letting your beard grow longer than a designer stubble.

Take Care of Your Hands and Nails

Appearance can be deceiving, especially when going to an interview. You might look presentable, but your hands might produce a lot of sweat because of nervousness. The hand will be the first body part in contact with the interviewer. To avoid passing off sweat, you should consider washing your hands and wiping the water off with a tissue. Have a napkin in your pocket if you know you have sweaty palms. Interviewers might see your hand when you reach out for a handshake. To avoid making the wrong impression, you should consider trimming your nails. It is also advisable for you to keep your fingernails clean at all times.

Keep Your Teeth Clean

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A charming smile will go a long way in an interview. However, you might lose your advantage if you have coffee and cigarette stains on your teeth. Bad breath will only make you look worse. If you are a smoker, you should consider using a breath mint before the interview. It also helps if you avoid smoking a few hours ahead of the meeting.

There are a lot of dental products and procedures that can help make and keep your teeth white. If you’re clueless about them, visit a dental clinic in Townsville or wherever you are located to help you decide which to use.

Dress to Impress

Your future depends on how much you impress the interviewer. You might have the charm and skills needed for the job, but the clothes you are wearing are not fit for the business attire. Consider coming up with an outfit that represents how you want to be perceived. Going to an interview with a shirt and denim pants spells doom. You should at least wear a suit and tie. Your shoes must match the overall outfit, too. Accessories like watches are welcome, but you should avoid wearing loud bracelets. Iron your clothes ahead of the interview to help you pull off a clean formal look that will impress the interviewer.

Your effort and dedication will help you land the job. You must have the required skills and education to make your resume stand out over other candidates. When you use the proper grooming techniques, you will give interviewers one more reason to hire you.

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