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How to Find Cheap yet Quality Accommodation

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Looking for a comfortable yet affordable accommodation is not all that easy. This is especially true if you are living in the city or in an urban area. Housing is also one of the biggest expenses that travellers think about, aside from the airfare and transportation costs. This is why most students and young professionals often have a difficult time looking for accommodation that they can temporarily stay in.

Here, we will give you some tips on how to find affordable yet quality accommodation around the world, as well as what to look for in London hostels with private rooms.

Look for a Job That Offers Free Housing

Some jobs will offer free housing in exchange for you working for them. If you are a young professional struggling to find the right accommodation, then this is for you. Just make sure to ask what the job entails and if the accommodation is totally free or if you still have to pay a little chunk of money for it.

Make sure to clear out this detail during your job interview, but do not be blunt about it. Ask modestly so they would not think that the accommodation is all you care about.

Go for the Smaller Establishments

Hotels are expensive no matter where you are in the world. Unless you have tons of money to spare, then you would want to make sure that you will be steering clear from these types of accommodation.

If you are travelling for a short amount of time, then try bed and breakfasts or motels. Look for decent ones that would not hurt your budget. If you are planning to stay for months or even years, then look for apartments or hostels with private rooms.

Haggle if You Can

Some accommodations and establishments have a fixed or flat rate when it comes to their properties, but it would not hurt to try. If you are aiming for smaller establishments, such as privately owned homes and apartments, then you can try talking to the owner or landlord and haggle with them. Your price must be reasonable, though, and make sure to talk to them with utmost respect and kindness when doing so.

Book During Off Season

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If you are staying for a few months, then make sure to book in advance. Book the rooms or house during the offseason, so you would be able to get them for a much lower price. Some accommodations will even offer half the price, so go ahead and grab the opportunity if you see it.

Book for the entirety of your stay so you will be able to save a lot. You would be surprised at how huge you will be able to save up if you follow this tip!

When it comes to finding the right accommodation, you would surely want to look around and make sure that you are getting the best deal there is. Do not act on impulse and make sure that you are getting the hottest discounts there is.

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