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Cleanser vs. Wash vs. Scrub: What’s the Difference?

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Before hitting that buy button on your screen, know if you are getting the right product for your need. Should you get a facial scrub, a facial wash, or a facial cleanser online? Can you use them all or can one give you the cleaning and benefits you need?
This guide will help you understand the different facial cleaning products, so you’ll know which fits your needs best.

Facial Cleanser

Cleansers are the mildest cleaning agents for your face. But just because it is mild doesn’t mean you should use it right away. You see, cleansers are made for people with sensitive, dry, or normal skin because they don’t attract as much dirt as the ones made for oily skin.

Aside from removing dirt, cleansers can remove makeup. It contains surfactants, elements that break down the solids on the surface so that liquids can get through and do the cleaning. Cleansers may be used every day, but if you have sensitive skin and you don’t go out regularly, applying them once a week should suffice. You may increase the frequency over time when you see fit.

Note that cleansers are slightly different from cleansing oils. While both are used to remove makeup and dirt, oil is also designed to restore skin’s moisture balance.

Facial Wash

A facial wash also cleanses your face, but its level of cleaning is deeper. Individuals with oily skin can benefit from facial washes because they leave a matte look afterward. Facial washes are also safe for everyday use as long as you choose the type that works best for your skin. This is particularly true if you spend most of your time outdoors. Otherwise, you may get by with a facial cleanser.

While cleansers can also do the job, the latter works better for deep-seated dirt, especially in the pores area. Another difference the facial wash and cleanser have is the consistency. The former looks like a liquid soap while the latter has the consistency of a lotion.

Facial Scrub

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A facial scrub also cleanses the face by removing makeup and dirt, but what sets it apart from the other two is that it can also get rid of dead skin cells, which is why your face feels smooth after washing with a scrub.

Facial scrubs have tiny beads in them that exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation is necessary to get rid of the dull appearance and give way to a radiant and even skin tone. But note that choosing a facial scrub also depends on your skin type; using the wrong one can irritate your skin. In addition, facial scrubs are not for everyday use. Some are best used once a week; others may be used up to four times a week.

Each of these cleaning agents has a purpose. If, for example, you have oily skin, you may remove your makeup first using a cleanser, and then do a deep cleaning with a facial wash. The following day, you may use a cleanser and a scrub instead to maximize the benefits.

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