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Women at Work: How to Embody a Functional Boss Lady

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While it’s easy to find tips on becoming an effective boss, women need to double their efforts. Female leaders are seen to be bossy and demanding. These stereotypes of female bosses can quickly discredit women’s achievements. This is true, especially in one’s employment career, but it’s unfair.

Female CEOs are making waves in the corporate world. The good thing about it is it somehow helps other aspiring females to take the lead. This feat can also make it easier for other ladies to infiltrate male-dominated industries. But once a female makes it on top, how can she fight the stigma?

If you’re a boss lady in your profession, how can you make it work while everyone’s focusing on your every move? How can you show people that you are an extraordinary leader regardless of your gender? While you’re not supposed to prove anyone anything, it’s still good to be a remarkable female boss. Here are some things you can do to embody a functional boss lady at work.

Be Engaging

It’s very challenging to be a female at work, let alone becoming a female leader in the workplace. Being engaging with your peers can break the barriers. It’s similar to being friendly but with boundaries. It won’t hurt to be approachable to your subordinates and colleagues. Just make sure you have set your limits. You should not tolerate regressive behaviors in the workplace. Come to work as you are and exude confidence to the people in the building. Pretty sure they’ll remember you as someone who isn’t the stereotype they’ve set.

Show Them You’re a Boss

Remember when the term “girl boss” was empowering to women until it wasn’t anymore? The term has become associated with women who’ve grown distant from being a people’s person. You should not be this kind of leader.

However, while you should work with your people as a team, you need to set limits. Females are known to be the darling of the crowd. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you should turn their focus on your work. Aspire to be “a boss” and not to be “the boss” in a negative fashion. Let your effectiveness do the talking. Your image of authority should always be intact with your character, which should build a wall between you and your peers. There’s nothing wrong with demanding respect while being very approachable. It’s what everyone in the workplace deserves anyway.

woman boss

Be Communicative

A good boss always knows how to deliver their message effectively. You can’t achieve your goals for the team if you’re not able to communicate your plans properly. Don’t be hesitant to criticize your subordinates. Just make sure to structure it constructively.

If you’re going to hold a meeting, make sure your intent is clear. To make this successful, you can seek help in organizing virtual events at work. This way, you’re able to convey your message to your peers suitably. Display effective leadership to everyone. Do this by making sure that your colleagues and your team comprehend your inputs.

Maintain a Toxic-free Workplace

Work can get extremely stressful. It’s an inevitable force most companies are trying to reduce. Do your part as a boss and minimize instances of toxicity at work. While you can practice being a non-toxic boss, you won’t be able to escape external triggers of toxicity. There will be employees under your supervision who are fighting. Some colleagues may spread rumors about another colleague. Your manager may become toxic, too.

These are just some situations where you can be affected by others’ toxicity at work. Keep in mind that you’re working for success, not to bring other people down. Fix problems within your team and avoid gossips as much as possible. Maintain a harmonious relationship with the people at your workplace.

Empower Your Team

Some would doubt your capabilities as a boss. That’s simply because you’re a woman. Some can even be your male subordinates who will ironically look down on you. Don’t get distracted. Empowering your team is the best way to show them that you’re more than qualified for the position. Like what was mentioned earlier, you have to give constructive criticisms instead of tearing your team down.

Make them feel worthy, so they can feel inspired working with you. Reward your team when they accomplished the goals or exceeded what was expected of them. Celebrate milestones and recognition brought by your team. Your employees will do their best all the time with all the encouragement. Even those men who belittle you will think twice when you show them effective leadership.

Females can be good leaders, too, but androcentrism and patriarchy may have taught people otherwise. The “weaker sex” notion should be abolished. You can’t let stereotypes dictate how you present yourself as a lady. Just be yourself as a boss and let your work say how effective female leadership is.

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