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Dating in the Digital Age: How Technology Has Changed How We Date and Love

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Have apps and online dating services changed the way we approach dating and relationships? Here, we look at how people find love in the digital age.

The world of dating is already difficult to navigate, especially if you have been off the scene, perhaps wrapped up in a long-term relationship, for years. Throw in a global pandemic that has discouraged face to face interaction for the best part of a year, and well, how on earth is a singleton supposed to find love?

Thankfully technology is here to the rescue. Technology has played a huge part in matchmaking over the past ten years or so, with more people relying on dating services to find the love of their lives. In fact, it would be fair to say that technology has completely changed how people approach dating and relationships, and this is more apparent than ever because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How has technology changed dating?

It makes it easier to do around our lives and commitments

Well for starters, we live lives much faster and much busier than ever before. We work longer hours and dash from work to pick the kids up from school, or from work to the bar, and have little time to waste on looking for love. We want dating to fit in around our lifestyle and existing commitments and technology helps to facilitate that.

We can pick up our phone and swipe to someone we are physically attracted to and send messages to see if there is an instant connection. We then have the option of video calls to get to know someone before meeting up in person — and in the COVID-19 pandemic, much of our dating may be over video chats.

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It widens the dating pool

Before technology became prominent, our dating pool was much smaller. We were limited to people who we met in real life in bars, clubs, through friends and work. It meant our potential partners were from the same echo chamber, with the same sort of lifestyle and beliefs, and from the same area. Now, apps and online dating services mean that we can literally connect with anyone from anywhere in the world, really opening up the pool and allowing us to meet people we wouldn’t have otherwise.

It gives people confidence

It can be daunting to approach someone and strike up a conversation in the hope of making a romantic connection with them. Now, people can overcome that initial hurdle by talking and getting to know someone online before they take the plunge and meet them in person. By that point, the awkwardness and shyness have passed, and you have plenty to talk about and know that you have lots in common.

Technology has shown to have a huge impact on dating and relationships, particularly in the current circumstances. Add to that people’s thirst for communication and connection, and you have a world of romance in virtual reality. As time moves on, more and more of our relationships will start online and be conducted virtually.

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