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Ways You Can Effectively Light Up an Event

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Although often overlooked, lighting up an event is fundamental. The difference between an extraordinary event and an average one depends on attention and detail. Lighting goes beyond putting a spotlight in an event space in New York; instead, it builds a visual experience and creates ambiance.

Lighting is a crucial element when organizing a ceremony or event. It can be static or dynamic, and it can be white or colorful. It can fill a room, or it can be focused. It can also serve a host of purposes including highlighting event features, setting the mood, presentations, and speakers, and creating a distinct atmosphere. The following are the favorite ideas for lighting up an event:

LED Lighting

This is around ten times efficient and reliable than its equivalent models. This means that a homeowner requires ten times less electricity to have the same brightness level as a tungsten equivalent. LEDs are also cheaper to replace and manufacture. They emit less heat, and they can last for many hours.

Pixel Mapping for Fantastic Effects


With the latest LED technologies, manufacturers can make lighting gadgets that were barely impossible a decade ago. When these technologies are fitted together, changing the quality of light has never been easier. Making fantastic effects are referred to as pixel mapping, and it comes with an array of exciting applications. One way you can use pixel mapping is through image source material. You can also send LEDs through videos, which an event organizer can display across an array of fixtures at once. As such, your image canvas can be as complex as dozens of rigged accessories or simple as a grid-like screen to create a synchronized image effect across your performance space.

Moving Heads

Although unwieldy, expensive, and large, these moving heads were reserved for concerts and elite theaters. Nowadays, they use controlled motors to enable light movement and are now common even for low lighting budgets. These lights are a must for any event organizers. When used together with LEDs, moving heads are fitted with rotating lenses to invigorate the ancient lighting techniques.

Dynamic Video Effects

You can now use moving head LED fixtures as video projectors to vary the width, angle, brightness, focus, and color of a video in real-time. Video projection is like an animated gobo, which event organizers can use for pretty incredible effects. When projected with a bright color and fixture, videos can simulate an immersive experience such as a city skyline and a forest.

Happy Tubes

Event organizers now utilize the flexibility of LEDs to create a new fixture known as Happy Tubes or LED tubes. They are a tubular fixture that comes in the varying amount of LEDs and lengths. These tubes are also adaptable and can be stacked, flown, hung, and joined to emit images or light and form a screen.

Although often overlooked, lighting should be top of the list of the essentials of a professional event planner. Lighting is critical to the success of an event, but people often struggle to get it right. It gives a venue a professional edge and creates a jolly atmosphere.

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