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Reflecting Your Personality to Your Home Through Style and Culture

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A person must feel comfortable in their own home. This does not only speak of the quality of beds, bathroom essentials, rugs, etc. around the house. One huge factor that affects the owner’s reaction to their home is through interior design.

Reflecting oneself in the design of their house contributes to their sense of belongingness because the last thing anyone wants to feel in their own home is alienation. When the design incorporates the owner’s style and culture, the owner will feel comfortable and at ease.

Individual Style

The individual style is how a person expresses themselves through art, may it be in painting, fashion, or interior design. A person’s style depends on several factors, such as exposure to different styles and cultures or specific influences in art or life in general. However, the one thing that remains true about finding one’s style is diving deep into oneself.

Aside from the question, “What do you like?”, other considerations arise as well. What would you like to feel when you enter the room? Do the furniture and colors represent your personality?

At first, people emulate others by copying their style until the person finds what works best for them. Sometimes, people find their style by starting with the basics before experimenting on much bolder choices.

When a person has discovered their style, it’s simple to get into detail when choosing elements to include in the space they are designing. With a collaboration with an interior designer from Salt Lake City, the owner of the house can actively express what they want to reflect in the space. They can bounce off ideas from each other and agree on a beautiful design.


minimalist house

Most of the time, personal style mimics a person’s lifestyle. For example, if a person grew up Catholic, visitors may find crucifixes or depictions of saints around the house. If the person grew up with a Chinese-influenced culture, they might incorporate feng shui in the way they arrange things.

The significance of reflecting one’s culture into the home benefits the homeowner and their visitors. The owner will feel more connected to their roots as well as feel comfortable in the aesthetics of the house. Furthermore, they may feel secure because the deeply-rooted beliefs of their culture surround them every day.

When visitors come into the house, specific elements expose them to different aspects of the owner’s culture. They will discover the influence of particular positions in feng shui. They will immediately glean that the owner is Catholic, and they will avoid behaviors that may be disrespectful to the religion or the person directly. This immersion into another culture can spread new ideas to other people.

Expressing yourself through design

Whether it is a mansion or a studio apartment, it’s essential to feel like the place is one’s own. They can personalize the space with photos from their travels or knick-knacks they found at the thrift shop. They can brief the interior designer if they want it to be colorful or minimalist. Through proper communication, the homeowner can expect a good outcome.

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