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Quitting the Habit of Smoking: Health Benefits on Your Body

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You see warnings almost everywhere; from TV ads to awareness posters, social media, and even on the packets of cigarettes themselves. You’re told about how dangerous it is to be addicted to the product and the act of using it.

But still, cigarettes have been one of the most bought products next to food and medicine. If you’re a smoker yourself, you may want to ignore these warnings and keep on doing it. But have you taken a break and read about the benefits of quitting?

You might still be able to turn your life and your health around for the better.

After 7 Days

Even when you’re only one day into quitting, you’d already see tiny but noticeable changes for the good of your body. On the first day, your heart rate will start to improve, lowering the risk of heart complications. Two to three days into it and you’ll also notice a restoration of your sense of taste.

However, you may experience withdrawals since your body’s nicotine level will dramatically decrease, but once you get over it, that’s the start of better health. If you’re still in doubt, you can try undergoing a checkup from the cardiology department of your nearby hospital in Castle Dale.

After 12 Months

Woman in hoodie inhalingBy the first few months of quitting, your lung function will improve and allow you to inhale and exhale a little better from the first day. It would mean that oxygen intake will also increase, and this is a good sign for your body.

It’s best to accompany these positive changes with some aerobic exercise so that your lungs will continue to become healthier. By around this time, the cilia, hair-like parts of the lungs that help filter the air you breathe, would have recovered from the damage that cigarette smoke dealt on them. The risk of coronary heart disease also goes down after a year of quitting.

After 5 Years to a Lifetime

By this time, there’d be a great improvement in your system. Your blood vessels would be cleared of the toxins that cigarettes brought to your system that may block arteries and lead to clots. You would notice that your breathing has improved drastically and you’ll be able to do more physical activities.

Most important of all, the chance of you contracting lung cancer will go down to how it was before you’ve started smoking. This is the time when your body will become close to its original state.

Any kind of addiction is not something that’s easy to let go, and it includes smoking. It could be because it gave you comfort, or relieved your stress for a while, or it could be because it’s fun or everyone else does it, and you want to fit in.

However, deciding to quit is the first step to a better life. Do you want to spend more time with your loved ones? You can start by kicking the habit. Do you want to recover your lost health? Then you have to stop smoking right now. Your body will thank you for it.

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