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Making Your House as Secure as Possible in 6 Steps

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Your home must be your comfort. It’s where your family lives and keeps your expensive possessions like credit cards, money, and jewelry, attracting any burglar. However, if you ask most homeowners about their homes’ security, they have no idea how secured they are. Many assume that it’s enough to keep their windows and doors locked, but that will not be enough to keep your home safe and deter burglars.

In this modern era, traditional approaches aren’t enough to keep your home safe. You need to invest in modern, effective technology to deter burglars. Apart from enlisting the services of paving contractors to prevent slips and accidents on their property, modern homeowners go all out for safety by installing home security systems like movement sensors or CCTV cameras.

Here’s a guide on how you can make your house much safer.

Keep the Front Doors Secure

You should check if your front door is secure. That’s because it’s the first spot that an intruder will pick to enter your home. Have it inspected for damage. Firstly, look into the kind of materials used to build your door. Hardwood is a popular choice, but you should still consider investing in steel doors because they offer enhanced security and safety.

In addition, you should check the kind of screws and hinges used. It’s best to use longer screws because they can withstand kick force. It should have a length of three inches. That’s because that will be the perfect length to install strong plates on the door frame. It’ll drastically make your doors more durable.

Invest in the Latest Cameras

One of the biggest innovations you can spend your money on is CCTV. It allows you to capture videos of what’s happening in areas the camera faces. Today, the most innovative models will enable you to capture videos on your smartphone. You only have to install a dedicated app for your home security system.

You’ll also need a stable Wi-Fi connection that allows you to access your home security system from anywhere. You can also set it to send alerts if the system senses activities or movements. Hence, you can report to your local police department if you see thieves or burglars. Video recordings can also help in identifying the burglars.

Get a Dog and Train It

Owning a guard dog is another plus for home security. Intruders will always look into certain factors before picking a house. Firstly, they’ll check your home’s security system before checking for other possible threats in your home. Usually, large dogs are some of the biggest threats that can deter intruders. You need a furry friend that can instill fear.

Dogs can also attack intruders when they enter your house. If burglars are brave enough to force their way into your house even if you’re at home, you can train your dogs to attack them. Dogs can also alert you if an intruder breaks into your home in the middle of the night when you’re asleep. Both are a few ways that dogs that can keep your home safer.

Use Vacant Property Service

You can’t avoid crimes in your area. It’s best to hire someone to guard your house if you have valuable items to keep safe or live in areas where theft is high. Manned guarding and vacant property services are excellent alternatives. Both are licensed companies that offer security guard services.

However, it’s also best to check their reputation and cases of theft for homes they’re guarding. Look into their website and social media page to find this information. You can also visit online forums to learn about what their current and previous customers have to say. It’s also best to check if they carry the required coverage.

Invest in Your Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are one of the latest innovations in home security. It provides improved security by combining both traditional doorbells and technology. It’s simple to use. Its dedicated mobile app will notify you whenever someone rings the bell. Then, you can use your phone to check who’s knocking on your door, allowing you to identify burglars or intruders in real-time.

In addition, some video doorbells allow you to send prerecorded messages. You can also record the activities of an intruder or chat with the person visiting your home while you’re away. It’s best to hire a reputable video doorbell service provider.

Use a Safe for the Valuables
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Usually, burglars will always look for lightweight valuables in your home. It’ll be tough for them to carry huge electronics or appliances unless it’s a phone or laptop. Burglars will always aim for valuables such as financial information, jewelry, credit cards, money, and more. Hence, these are the valuables that you’ll have to secure in your home.

Investing in a safe is an excellent way to secure your valuables. You can find numerous kinds in the market. However, you should look for key features that make them efficient, including how you can open, conceal, or install them.

Final Thoughts

Above all, don’t forget to lock your windows and doors when you go out. If you leave them open, you’ll make it easier for burglars to enter your home. Still, investing in modern home security technology doesn’t hurt. With some tech upgrades, you can make your home safer and stop trespassers and burglars in their tracks.

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