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It Ain’t Broke: How Fixers Make It Work

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Do you ever wonder how people get to shoot commercials in areas that are almost unheard of? How do businesses film in unknown locations for their ads and campaigns? We bet most people who view peculiar ads ponder on this thought, especially since there are so many factors that come into play within production. Who are the actors that you hire? How do you bring the crew to the location chosen by the company? Logistically, what tools and items are needed on the specific site?

All of these questions can be answered by people called production fixers. If appropriately utilized, these production fixers can turn out to be the real foundation of these shoots and campaigns. We will be taking a look at how these specific people can make the dream shoot come true.

What do production fixers do?

A fixer is someone who scouts an area and sends detailed information back to the producers. They do this by taking photos, videos, and other information, before giving them back to the companies who hire them.

For example, have you ever asked how film crews manage to shoot at large airports? Or how TV shows get to shoot in secluded jungles or forest reserves? These are all through the tidy work of fixers hired for these projects. They come in contact with the authorities for the locations, as they make sure everything runs smoothly for the production crew.

Getting people on board

Fixers can do more than just scout areas and authorities. They also look for the pool of people needed for the job at hand, such as actors and actresses, camera operators, sound crews, and the like.

They also make sure that these people they source receive the best ambience possible. Dinner on the site of the shoot? Or first-class lodging for the cast and crew? Your friendly neighbourhood fixer can arrange those for you, as well.

The Tools of the Trade

It can be a hassle for film crews to bring their equipment to a very far shooting site. As such, it is often more practical for them to hire equipment on location. The fixer can play a pivotal role in this, as he/she is the one who knows where the nearest equipment providers are. From cameras and lights to speakers and microphones – the fixer can help with sourcing all of these.

Moving About

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How do you get the cast and crew to the location? Well, the fixer can help with the visa arrangements for the whole squad. How about transportation around the area? The fixers can also arrange those, as they would know individual companies near the area who provide these services. Getting a move on is so much easier with their assistance.

For these types of productions, companies want to hit the jackpot. They wish to ace everything- from hiring the best cast, to collaborating with the most efficient production crew. These companies want to make these endeavours efficient, with minimum hassle and expenses. They say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well, in this case, fixers can make sure that your projects do not end up broken; making sure that all your investments will be in the right hands.

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