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How Mosquitoes Can Affect Any Workplace

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Mosquitoes can do more than cause itchy and annoying bites. They can also spread diseases and viruses which can make anyone sick. Even worse, there are instances when these diseases can cause death. Although almost every kind of mosquitoes is irritating, a few ones are lethal enough to cause diseases.

Mosquitoes bite at any time of the day, no matter if it’s day or night. They can also thrive both outdoors and indoors and would often prefer to lay their eggs in warm places. Some species would even hibernate in enclosed areas. One of these areas are sheds and could survive even the cold weather.

Understanding the effects of mosquitoes to a workplace

Various diseases such as Chikungunya virus, Zika virus, and dengue can get transmitted from one person to another through mosquito bites. That’s why both employers and workers should learn how to protect themselves from the viruses spread by these insects.

Although not everyone gets sick immediately because of the insect’s bite, some people can suffer from mild to severe illnesses. Some even suffer from long-term illnesses when exposed to the virus. Workers are especially at risk when they’re working in areas infested by these bugs.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that various types of mosquitoes thrive in different locations. Even more, they also bite at varying times and can even spread different kinds of diseases. The risks that workers get exposed to depend on the location of their worksite. Also, the time of the day matters as well as the season.

Most workers who are at risk include those who travel for business and other outdoor workers. Even laboratory workers who are working with potentially infected cultures or samples can also be at risk of acquiring mosquito-borne diseases.


Protecting employees from mosquito bites

A few mosquitoes naturally breed in stagnant water. So, the best way to reduce their population is by removing any equipment that stores water. You can also try to turn it over or cover it to prevent it from accumulating water. You should also try to remove any debris from the ditches to keep the water flowing.

You should fill any areas that can collect standing water soil. Doing so prevents it from collecting any more liquid. You should also remove the tires, bottles, and buckets that can store water, too.

Another way of protecting everyone from mosquito infestation is by ensuring that all access to the worksites have screens. You should also keep it closed whenever it’s possible. If you notice any incidences of mosquito bites, then it’s best to call an exterminator in North Attleboro immediately.

You should also provide your workers with insect repellants. Also, encourage them to use it so they can get the protection that they need from these insects. Baylor College of Medicine says that it’s best to use any insect repellant product that contains DEET for added security.

Mosquitoes can attack at any time. So, it’s best to take strict measures so that you can prevent it from happening. You should educate your workers about the effects of mosquito bites. Also, teach them how they can protect themselves from it.

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