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Gifting Different People: What to Include in Your Wine Hamper

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Gift giving in the past meant picking something flashy or one within your budget. Nowadays, however, it revolves around getting something that will benefit an individual. With health being one of the buzzwords in virtually all circles, wine might be the best way for you to show that you care about someone’s health while pampering them. This beverage has been shown to boost your cardiovascular health, reduce your risk of liver conditions and several cancer types, and enhance brain function when taken in moderation.

Even so, giving wine, spirits, or champagne gifts is not as easy as picking a bottle. You should put together the perfect gift basket with other things to complement the drink. The best way to get the items of your hamper right is to consider a recipient’s personality, then match it to the items you include. When gifting wine, the following are a few pointers for getting the perfect basket for different people.

The Techie

When gifting someone who loves technology, wine might not be at the top of your mind. Even so, why not pamper them with a good bottle of wine to get their creativity flowing? Wine, after all, is as much digital as the latest gadgets on the market. In the gift basket, include a list detailing the best wine apps or a gift card to their favourite app store. You can also add a sleek wine thermometer and a cool gadget like an electric wine opener.

The Geek

It is someone who may be into science and reminds you of the Big Bang Theory and Star Trek characters. For them, you can get a flask decanter that looks like one of those used in a lab. Most stores have decanters that resemble the Erlenmeyer flask. To complement the decanter, consider including some wine glasses etched with their favourite TV or video game character’s name. With this design, they can be placed in an area where they will always be in view and encourage a sip of your wine.

The Music Lover

You can merge music and wine into a hamper for a music maestro. Settle for a musical wine glass set that features some music notes etched into the bowl. You can also add some music-inspired charms to your hamper to reinforce the music theme in your gift or make a digital playlist or CD with a recipient’s favorite songs.

The Environmentalist

With most people leaning towards eco-conservation, most corporates are putting together gifts focused on this theme. Whether you are putting together a corporate or personal gift for an environmentalist, choose products from winemakers involved in eco-conservation as well. You can also consider an eco-friendly basket material and wine glasses made of recycled glass.

With these guidelines, you can set yourself apart as the best gift giver. Even so, include three to four wine varieties in your hamper so that you can give the recipient a choice and get the right wine amount. Do not forget to add some bitings that pair perfectly with the wine, like chocolate, fruits, and cheese.

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