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Fun Holiday Activities for the Family

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It can be quite difficult to find the time to go on holiday with the whole family. There are so many factors and logistics to think about while making sure everyone has fun. For one, how do you get those mobile screens away from your kids’ faces and make sure they’re not bored?

Here are some suggestions for fun holiday activities to do with your family.


Perhaps one of the most popular outdoor activities for families around the world, camping is always a great way to relax and connect with nature. It can also be cheaper than taking the family to popular theme parks and tourist destinations.

All you need are camping gears (which you may use for other camping trips) and enough provisions that will last the whole trip. There are a lot of opportunities for bonding too, like sitting by the campire, outdoor cooking, and even stargazing. You can also teach your kids outdoor survival skills or maybe you will learn new outdoor skills yourself!



When you go biking, you can take in the scenery of the trail. A cycling holiday does not cost a lot, especially if everyone in the family already has bicycles. It’s highly enjoyable even for children and is a great form of exercise too.

You might consider joining a cycling tour, since these are usually designed for riders to intimately experience a destination. If you are the kind of person who has developed a negative perception of travel due to the stress it could bring, biking may also take the stress out of travelling and make you appreciate trips in general.

Adventure sports

Few things can compare with an adrenaline rush which can be provided by adventure sports. Like biking, adventure sports are also great for exercise although they can be quite costly. Activities such as paragliding, parasailing, skydiving and bungee jumping can even help you be more in touch with nature. Since most adventure sports are about taking risks, it can help you and your family gain confidence and motivation as well. If you are worried about the safety of these activities, especially for children, most places that feature adventure sports really assure the safety of their customers. Also, not all adventure sports are extreme. Canoeing, snorkelling, hiking and riding a hot air balloon are some examples of adventure sports that are relatively safe.

Although enjoyment is important in all these activities, never forget that safety is always paramount. Make sure that everyone is individually prepared and you have all the supplies necessary for your holiday trip. Prepare for emergencies as well. Most of all, you have to be flexible in case some things about the vacation do not go as planned.

It is important to spend time with family, but it can be difficult especially when our schedules get busy. Perhaps, the only chance we get to spend extended quality time with them is during the holidays. But they don’t come around as often as we wish. So, remember to make the most of every change you get.

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