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Decluttering 101: Toss, Keep, Store or Sell?

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An organized space can affect your mood and how you think and feel. You may not be able to pinpoint exactly how it does, but it’s psychologically proven that a messy work or home space often results to messy and unorganized thoughts as well.

We love to spend big bucks on stuff and we hold them close to our hearts, but as time passes by, a lot of these things are left abandoned at every available space at the house. This often creates one big mess that’s not pleasing to the eyes.

Of course, the easiest way out is to throw these things away, right? But what if you could actually gain something by clearing your space? Here are ways you can still benefit from things that you no longer use.

Put Them in a Box

The first thing you’d need to do is gather everything that’s no longer useful to you, and put all of them inside a box. With a little tweak in the famous Beyonce song lyric: “Everything you own (that you no longer need) in the box, to the left!”

Not only does putting them inside a specific space enable you to have more space, but also allow you to think of all the things that you don’t use anymore. The act of gathering and thinking of the items to be put in the box already gives you the idea as to how and why you no longer use or need them.

Sort Them Out

Couple decluttering their stuffYou’d probably think it’s ridiculous to put that many things inside a box for them to only be put out once again, but you’re wrong! After you’ve gathered the things you no longer use, sorting them out only comes after. From there, you’d be able to create a free-flow of sorting system: clothes, accessories, books and many more.

An organized sorting system known as the “three-boxing method” is extremely helpful since it allows you to label each box as: toss, keep and store. It’s not only limited to these three categories, of course; you may add as many as you want depending on how many stuff you own. You could even have a fourth one and label it as “donate” or “sell.”

Sell Them

After you’ve sorted them out, you’re now able to look for things that are still useful, but not to you anymore. For example, you can sell clothes that are still presentable but no longer fit you at a thrift shop, books that you’ve already read at a second-hand bookshop, or you may even sell your accessories at Utah stores that buy vintage jewelry.

In this step, you’re not only able to clear up and organize your space, but you may also gain money from them. You may never know since these things that may seem useless to you may be useful to others, and it would then be beneficial for the both of you. Besides, you wouldn’t feel so bad for giving them away if it’s paid for a good amount. It’s definitely better than throwing them away.

A clean and organized space also means having clear and organized thoughts. And things that are no longer useful to you could become useful again but in a different form: money!

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