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Bridging the Gap: Dating Someone With a Different Lifestyle

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Everyone usually gravitates toward someone with whom you have common interests. This is why when looking for a date and a potential partner, you have some criteria to make sure you have some things in common. Research also showed that up to 64 percent of Americans said shared interests are crucial in a successful marriage.

When looking for potential dates, people often list several things they wish their partner to have. This can be the kind of personality they wish to date, the activities they prefer their next date also enjoy, even certain physical attributes as their type. When creating profiles in dating apps and dating sites or when using a professional matchmaking service, many people want to find someone with a lifestyle similar to their own.

Millennials and Dating

Millennials are notorious for breaking stereotypes. Due to the generation gap, millennials are approaching dating and marriage differently. For one, breakups are now less formal, thus the term ghosting.

They are also moving away from traditional family units. Before, families were primarily nuclear families, which involved the parents and the children. These days, however, single parents are marrying into other families, which turns families into blended families.

Millennials are also embracing solo life intentionally. However, single life does not mean they are no longer into the dating game. As they explore the dating landscape, many are torn between pursuing someone who has an entirely different lifestyle or trying to make their relationship work.

Why It Makes Sense to Date Someone with a Different Lifestyle

Dating someone who has the same interests as you can be undeniably fun. This is since you both enjoy the same things, have the same preferences, and your routines won’t clash all the time. However, dating someone with a different lifestyle also has its perks.

For one, you get to free yourself from limiting your options. You are essentially welcoming new things into your life, which can open your mind and heart to different things. You might even be surprised to learn that you enjoy doing new activities thanks to your new partner.

Opening your mind towards dating someone who is essentially not your type makes you less judgmental. You try not to be so conscious about your difference but find the challenge of finding common ground as a way to a new kind of lifestyle.

You might even find yourself breaking the cycle of dating the same type of person who is detrimental to your health and sanity. Who knows? You might find someone with a different lifestyle to be the best decision you ever made.

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Bridging the Lifestyle Gap

Admittedly, dating someone who has a different lifestyle than you can be tricky. For one, you might enjoy doing other things, have different style preferences, even have differences in how you handle things and specific situations. If you ever decide to push through and make the relationship work, you can do something to start bridging the gap.

Identify the Gap

What makes your lifestyle different from your new partner? Is it because your new partner is vegan, practices sustainability, and enjoys living an active and healthy lifestyle? Or is it because of the kind of personality they have?

The first step to bridging the gap is identifying the gap. Knowing your differences will make it easier to think and meet on common ground. It would be challenging to bridge your lifestyle gap if you have no idea what makes your respective lifestyles in the first place.

Learn to Compromise

Next, you need to learn how to make compromises. Compromising does not mean to say that you must change your lifestyle just because your date wants you to do it. Learn how to negotiate your needs, how you can meet in the middle, and stick to agreed-upon activities and schedules.

Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries is crucial no matter who your partner is or what lifestyle you both enjoy. Don’t be afraid to let each other know what you both are not comfortable doing. Establish boundaries and learn to respect each other’s boundaries.

It can be challenging to date someone who has different values, interests, and lifestyles. However, it might still be worth the plunge, even these days. But know that many couples successfully managed such situations by maintaining respect, setting boundaries, and learning the art of compromise. Opening your eyes that many people may have a different lifestyle than yours makes it easier to accept that sometimes, even polar opposites can live in harmony and maintain great relationships.

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