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Commuting May be More Dangerous Than Traveling Overseas

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How hard is it to travel? You’ll need to pack a bag and make sure everything is within the allowable weight and volume. For overseas trips, you may also have to secure a visa. Local trips are easier, but they involve packing and paying for transportation and accommodation as well.

Put in perspective, the daily commute to work sounds like nothing, right? What you may not realize is that it’s just as dangerous as when you’re going on a lengthy road trip. Here’s why:

Defensive Driving Can Only Fend Off So Much

Driving instructors always say you should drive defensively, but what good does it do when you’re passing by a roadside construction site where debris could fall on your vehicle? Flying sounds a lot safer than driving under such a condition. It’s even worse if you’re passing by a slope and it’s raining, which may result in a landslide. If worse comes to worst, you should have a trusted auto accident injury lawyer to handle the matter of compensation for any damage done on your car or on your person just because a Utah construction firm failed to consider dangerous working situations.

If it’s another driver at fault, you’ll also want legal counsel when it comes to arranging the settlement of costs associated with property damage or personal injury.

You’re Inside a Car that May Overheat

Woman checking her overheating car engineYou’ve seen news of babies and dogs put in grave danger because they were left inside a car. Even if you think the AC is enough, most times it isn’t. The interior of the car can overheat fairly quickly, and they reach intolerable temperatures. If you’ve ever felt discomfort from being inside a car for a few hours, just think how much worse it is for dogs or children with more vulnerable bodies.

When traveling long distances, transportation companies offer comfortable seating options so that you will not have to be cramped in such a small space. The farther you go, the more variety in seating that you get, as companies are aware of how passengers feel about long flights or trips.

Weather May Turn at the Last Minute

You don’t think anything can go wrong when it’s sunny outside, as expected. However, in the middle of your commute, the clouds may turn gray, and without much warning, you may be experiencing an isolated thunderstorm. This escalates danger on the road, but you think that if you kept driving, you’d get to your destination before things get worse. The option to power through a dangerous situation is not given to you when you’re flying, which is for your good.

Pilots and traffic controllers are aware of weather patterns, and if they notice that something is amiss, they will not allow anyone to fly. You may think that this only inconveniences you, but this might also save your life.

The dangers you face are not directly proportional to the distance you travel. Even if you’re only commuting to work, be aware of road and weather situations to avoid accidents.

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