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Pet and Life: Best Pets for Women Who Love the Hustle

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Working women and anyone working, in general, would understand the hassle of taking care of pets. However, fur babies are what make our lives feel fulfilled and happy. Without precious fur babies, our home would feel empty. Also, who wouldn’t want an excellent pet to light up their world once in a while?

Thankfully, we’ve compiled this small list of pets that can fit your current lifestyle. So if you’re someone who is all about the grind and hustle, these pets are for you. Let us start with the humble guinea pig.

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Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are one of the most precious fur babies in the world. They are so adorable, fluffy, and cute. Additionally, they are one of the best low-maintenance pets out there. On average, guinea pigs can live between four and eight years. There are rare instances when they live up to ten years, but don’t expect it.

When it comes to a list of pets, guinea pigs don’t desire much attention or care. You can leave them alone in your home for a day, and nothing much will change. Although we don’t suggest that you do this, we’re just saying it’s possible. But they can’t survive by themselves in their cage all alone.

If you want to live a long and happy life, make sure they have their pen. A pen is a bordered part of your home where they can freely run around and enjoy themselves. A guinea pig that’s free to run around can survive for many years.


Cats can fill in if you’ve wanted to have a dog. They require less care and attention than dogs but will still demand your attention when they want it.

When it comes to the list of independent and solitary animals in this world, cats are nearly on top of the list. Cats love living a solitary life, but they can be social butterflies when they need to be. Moreover, they can get your attention, especially when they’ve missed you dearly. However, this doesn’t mean that they can survive alone, and you should never leave your cat outside to fend for itself. But they are certainly a much better choice than dogs if you live a much busy life.

Getting yourself a cat is relatively easy. However, if you’re looking for a rare breed, you might have to contact a pet shipping business to help you out. These businesses can safely help you get the rare breed you want from overseas into your home. But know that rare breeds might require extensive care than commonly found breeds.


Many women shy away from lizards because of how they look and feel. However, lizards can be such adorable pets. They have their unique way of giving you their affection, and much like guinea pigs, they are low-maintenance pets.

Lizards are the kind of pets that won’t crave or get your attention. You can leave them in their cage for more than two days with food and water, and they’ll be fine. They know how to maintain their bodies and how to survive without eating. But once again, this shouldn’t be an incentive for you to leave them alone for weeks on end.

Lizards can live for many years, depending on the species you want. The most common lizard pet is an iguana, which can live for 12 to 15 years. However, it’s pretty common to find an iguana that has lived for more than twenty years.

Lizards don’t move a lot, so don’t expect that you can play with them the same way you do with your cats and dogs. The best way to take care of lizards is to watch them from afar and get them out of their cage once in a while. But most of the time, they are comfortable in their aquarium, watching the world outside and letting time pass them by. It’s one of the benefits of having a lizard’s brain!


Lastly, we get to fish. Much like lizards, fishes are pretty much satisfied living their whole lives inside the aquarium. But don’t expect to play with them either. They are pets you get to watch and take care of from afar.

This is the best pet for you if you don’t want to trouble yourself with all the hassle of having a pet. All you have to do to take care of your fish is to buy a decent aquarium, feed them, and wash the aquarium once in a while. It’s a low-maintenance pet and one that can fit whatever busy life you’re living.

If you’re living a hectic life but still want a companion to help you see it through, then the pets listed above can be one of the best companions you’ll ever have. They don’t require that much attention and don’t need that much care. So make sure to get one of them when the opportunity presents itself.

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