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A Comprehensive Guide to Caviar Skin Care

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For centuries now, beginning in Russia during the time of the czars, caviar has always been considered a luxury food item. Served in the ballrooms and dining rooms of the rich and powerful with a flute of champagne, caviar has always been an indulgence, with prices of a tin well over hundreds of dollars. But is it just as great an indulgence when you are talking about caviar skin care products?

Several celebrities seem to think so. Angelina Jolie, for example, famously used the product during her pregnancy and the results seem to speak for themselves. But if you want more information than just her testimony, this guide is for you.

What Is Caviar?

At its simplest, caviar is fish eggs from the sturgeon family. The price of a specific tin of caviar boils down to the specific species that it is drawn from. Beluga, for instance, is the most expensive that you can get. The process of creating this luxury food product begins with careful extraction of the eggs, which are then preserved by the addition of salts to bring out their flavor. This egg preparation, or roe, is stored in small glass or tin containers. The reason it costs so much has to do with the fact that it takes sturgeon up to 20 years to mature enough to produce eggs.

Why Skin Care?

Beauty products containing caviar bank mainly on the nutrient content found in the roe, mostly Vitamin B12. A single serving of caviar provides enough Vitamin B12 to meet an adult’s average daily requirement. This is critical, considering that Vitamin B12 is one of the essential contributors to glowing skin, healthy hair and even stronger nails, as this particular vitamin plays a key role in cellular reproduction.

The effect that is most sought after, however, is the anti-aging properties of the caviar. Studies have shown that it can increase collagen production in the skin by up to 70%. This is notable, as collagen is what is mainly responsible for a firm and younger-looking skin.

Benefits of Caviar Treatment

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There are several other benefits that caviar brings that have made it popular for skin care regimen. For one thing, caviar’s water, omega-3 and saturated lipid content make for great hydration. This makes it perfect for moisturizing treatment.

For another, caviar contains many more vitamins and minerals beyond B12 that are responsible for other great side effects like preventing dullness and drying of your skin. Add to that the fact that caviar also has antioxidant properties that actively block the absorption of UV radiation and harmful free radicals.

Is It Worth It?

The fact that all these effects are natural offshoots from caviar without the introduction of artificial chemicals means that it is one of the safest treatments out there. The adage that you get what you pay for applies well here. Using the entire range across your body has proven to have anti-aging effects that surely appeal to those who want to look and feel younger.

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