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Gluten Free Red Berries Galette to Celebrate 4 Years of Blogging

Four years ago I would not know where this blog will take me. This place has helped me, when I needed to be present with myself. In each encounter with life we surpass more

Behind the Scenes with Claire Rosen and Some News

I wanted for a few weeks already to tell you more about the awesome shooting we had in Atlanta with the superwoman Claire Rosen. I met her last year at SCAD in her more

Spiced Cappuccino and Camille Styles

I love coffee. More precisely cappuccinos. And this recipe right here is the perfect one to savor alone or with friends, in the morning or late afternoons. There more

What Liberty Ate Magazine


Wondrous Peonies – Studium


I am happy to introduce to you one of my latest projects I did this quarter at SCAD. Since I started with this blog I made use of flowers’ beauty in order to convey intimate stories of the world around more

Florilegium – Fatum Rhapsody – a heart-warming allegory about fairies, dreams and love


My beloved,

For a long time I’ve been waiting for you again here, as we used to be, dreaming with the eyes wide opened in the furious stormy nights or clear sky evenings. Many times I turned and searched more

Florilegium – Vulnerability and Self-Reliance


Not long ago, in 2012, when I first had the courage to concrete a dream that I was having it as my own shadow, I had to write my personal statement of purpose. I have never write any statement of purpose, more