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Sweet Comfort Doughnuts and Communication Arts Feature

Happy new year, everyone! I’m back to share a homemade doughnuts recipe and a new collaboration that I’m very proud of. For starters, I know doughnuts seem to require a lot of work,  but this isn’t always (more…)

Reflections on 2015

In the spirit of remembering the best moments of 2015, I want to take the time, now in the last day of 2015, to reflect on what the old year proved and what the new year can bring.

2015 started so aggressively (more…)

New Beginnings with Florilegium

After four years and seven issues, What Liberty Ate magazine naturally progresses into Florilegium, a publication which crystallizes a greater sense of visual communication. A new design, a new format, (more…)

In The Spotlight

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