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Summer Issue #6

Summer Issue #6

I enjoy exploring new things. I am restless at acquiring new manifestations of the world. I do not fear risk and failure. I have a deep desire of discovering the unknown. I accept failure because is part of ourselves and it is always revealing the truth.

This issue explores the vulnerabilities that come with change and new forms of expression. For the past year, I lived my life between two worlds, and I’ve had highs and lows. The mistakes on which I stumbled upon pushed me toward learning from them. In this new volume I seek to lay out a few of the things that resulted from my exploration between these two worlds and my day-to-day life.

Florilegium is my first photographic series on which I worked in my first quarter at SCAD. It reveals the vulnerabilities and hopes I had for what this new experience was for me. Furthermore, the meals I share with you are the sign of a creative environment and an approach to merge two cultures, European and American, into a single world.

From a possible history, to a romantic outlook over homeland, the photographic essays here unfold a desire to look and remember. Moreover, the critical essays about art aim at investing ourselves with knowledge, and are reflecting on the symbolism of the modern art.

More then ever before, today I consider this journal as a curatorial space of creative and inspirational works that trigger my participation in the most fruitful function. We should all dare and care to look fearless at the many more wonders that life is waiting to offer to us. •