Moving around the world made me want to take more challenges in my life. Made me want to hope more, dream more. Made me discover new things about me, about people around me. It made me stronger. Each moving comes with pluses or minuses, and even though at first sight moving in Czech Republic was not such a good idea, today, after 2 years of living here, I finally understood the good points behind a move in a completely new country.

Being surrounded by people of whom the language I barely understand, made me on one hand turn more to me, and on the other, listen, appreciate better the things around me. Living here made me look again to things I forgot I like. Photography came along in this journey and today I can share with you all a big project on which I’ve been working since the begging of this year.

I like to think positive, and believe that I can make my dreams come true. This year’s big assignment was to be able to make a book. A small book with which I can say what I think is photography for me. A book with recipes that I learned from my mother, my grandmother or simply from countries where I lived at some point, and photographs of those recipes. I said it many times, photography really changed the way how I see the life. And not simply photography, but the act of taking photographs of things that can show our spirit of mind, our kindness and openness to life’s wonders.

I create this book by my own in my home in Czech Republic. And now finally I can share it with you all. Book can be purchased here.

All purchases are made via Blurb and they are completely in charged with the distribution of my book. The book can be shipped in Europe in around 5-10 days via the headquarters from Netherlands and in less then 5 days for the US states. All shipments are done via UPS from Blurb, they have tracking number and are dispatched by local agents in corresponding countries. To buy the book you need just to click on the basket icon above or here and take few seconds to register to order the book on Blurb site. For more then 5 books, discount is applied by Blurb. Hope you all will enjoy it!

Published on 25th of June, 2011.