Art is a Form of Nourishment

I love experimenting with both photography and food. Each time I am in the kitchen, I am looking for new ways to enhance and bring out those unique qualities of foodflavor and aestheticthat make both our eyes and taste buds happy. Going down the creative route has its advantages because each artist needs that small amount of confusion and desire to find the next creative sparkle one needs.

It fascinates me how my inner thoughts and creative obsessions get reflected into attainable projects. Food, as we know it, may not be always the primary subject of my explorations, but there is always reflected in my work a positive weakness toward appreciating nature and our relationship to it. And poetry has always been part of our lives, being the noble-mindedness of the past and future, by opening heart's doors to honesty and mind's visual interpretation to creativity.

Please step inside a poem with me today, through the newest short creative film I created for the poetry book of Medeea Iancu, Cîntarea care a biruit toate cîntările (The Canticle Who Has Smitten All Canticles) published by Editura Paralela 45. Retain on your own shelves a copy by ordering yours, and enjoy the flavor palette of this quinoa saladmushrooms, peas and chia seeds complement perfectly the seasons changing. This hearty gluten-free recipe is lighter, quicker and more nutritious alternative to the old boring "veggies" salad.


Reflections on 2015

In the spirit of remembering the best moments of 2015, I want to take the time, now in the last day of 2015, to reflect on what the old year proved and what the new year can bring.

2015 started so aggressively dynamic and I feel that only now I have the time and also perspective, to see objectively the beauty and progress of how things eventually unfolded. I started 2015 in a sort of continuation of 2014 with great projects at SCAD, and great desire to delve into what Sculpture can offer and how it can enrich my photographic and artistic practice. Getting acquainted with the expectations of writing a thesis paper for my M.F.A. program seemed perfect synchronized with discovering my passion for Sculpture. Being a peer tutor and teaching assistant helped me extend and apply further my passion, skills and creative energy to this artistic field. The internship with Atlanta Magazine that soon followed inspired and taught me how commercial magazines work and produce content every month, inspiring me later on to take the entrepreneurial leap with launching Florilegium magazine.

In between, I created so many new projects that helped in so many ways to refine my practice and inspiration. Even though time seemed to be my enemy, I feel so strongly that 2015 allowed me greatly to express myself creatively with so much potential in the shortest time frame I had on hand. Here, I can only remember that time when I had only seven days to create for the Huffington Post the video of Welcome to Braggsville and choose between this or going to New York City for a second interview with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia for a photography internship position. Showcasing my work at Out to Launch was also an incredible experience, putting me in contact with so many great creative companies that had the chance to see and experience my artwork. With only few days before graduation, opening my thesis exhibition - Life from Light was the most accomplishing feeling an artist can experience. It represented the recognition of an extraordinary journey I started when I joined SCAD with a thesis project that meant so much to me.

The time when I graduated was extraordinary, encapsulating all these amazing experiences. Stepping on the stage to collect my degree, witnessing the inspirational lecture of John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios and Principal Creative Advisor for Walt Disney Imagineering, as the distinguished guest speaker, and experiencing the closing show, made me feel accomplished and extremely proud of myself of graduating a master that I long dreamed for.

Hilton Head Island brought to me equal joy, with new exciting projects related to videography, design and portraiture, and unlimited access to the Atlantic Ocean. Discovering and experiencing the island motivated me to use it as a subject matter in order to further extend my practice. Thus, now in the eve of a new year, you can all still enjoy my time there with these short creative films.

Creating cinematographic motion experiences means so much to me because it is not only encapsulating the memory of a special time, but it also brings with it an excellent subject matter to artistically explore. The island has been the inspirational background where I created and designed my amazing 18-page long project for Up by Forbes and the inception of Florilegium, the magazine. And this brings me closer to today, when recently I launched the art and culture publication Florilegium, available only in print with an amazing interactive design and inspirational artwork. I see Florilegium as a new chapter in my creative practice, which fully reflects my evolution, interests and practice. As a new chapter is closing, other follows and opens, bringing with it new expectations, challenges and accomplishments. We all have to allow ourselves to grow, refine and enjoy each stage through which we pass. And this is my wish for 2016, to continue this exciting exploration and experimentation of art and keep having the courage to risk and always fall in love with the beauty of the simple things around us. Happy New Year!

Florilegium Cover Volume 1Gabriela Iancu Up by Forbes Final w Outlines9_MG_3379Looking-over-the-AtlanticLife from Light Exhibition Overview Sweet-and-Salty-Crostini

ThriftWithTyler_IancuGabriela-33 Spring in AtlantaE Midtown AtlantaE Redemption

Summer is a State of Mind - Hilton Head Island Portraits

Sailing away from home isn't easy. There are a few things on which I worked this summer, that I couldn't just look past and wanted to share them here with you. As I left the vast urban landscape of Atlanta, I dived into exploring the beautiful and exotic Hilton Head Island. While there, I was working on a number of projects including portraiture, editorial and book design, island-oriented photography and videography. I wanted to maximize as much as possible my time spent on the island, by capturing the experience every step of the way.

In August, I took you behind the scenes on the look of the Hilton Head Island's landscape. I couldn't just make you long for a summer vacation, I wanted to spark your attention with a summer escape. Hilton Head has so much to offer, and my first video harmoniously led to a new one. Summer is a state of mind, everyday, for all I care. Today, you get a new look at how you can visually maximize that summer vibe this fall, with charismatic portraits and a cinematic study of island's everyday, in a new, timeless light. Be sure not to miss the play button above!

Linda-2 Linda-3 Linda-4 Linda-5 Linda-6

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