Wondrous Peonies - Studium

I am happy to introduce to you one of my latest projects I did this quarter at SCAD. Since I started with this blog I made use of flowers' beauty in order to convey intimate stories of the world aroundRead more

Self-Evaluation and Atlantic Oysters with Ginger Champagne Sauce

I am one day close to the finish up line of the winter quarter at SCAD. I am feeling so satisfied with the incredible amount of things I learned so far. I grew up artistically more than I could have everRead more

America, Seen Through Photographs, Darkly, Diane Arbus and a Gluten-Free Cake

Part of my SCAD class agenda was also this photography history course entitled suggestively Critical and Theoretical Approaches to Photography since 1945: Issues in Contemporary Art. Here, I had the opportunityRead more