The Best Lunar Spectacle in Decades - the Supermoon

As supermoon rose over my house in the Czech Republic last night, I was completely mesmerized by its pronounced appearance and glow. I couldn't just look up and not record such an important historic moment; this is the biggest moon seen since 1948, according to scientists. I never seen before a brighter moon than the one I witness last night, considering that our entire back yard was flooded with a beautiful white moon cast. Trees' shadows were extremely dramatic, like in a Grimms' Fairy Tale.

Because this sky event is such a rarity, I had to capture its appearance in a living still. The spooky colors of the clouds on the sky made everything even better looking. Superbright and hypnotic, this lunar sight will be a beautiful record for posterity. Be sure not to miss it tonight, and if you are not lucky to having clear skies tonight, enjoy my living still of the supermoon !


Nature of Time in Creating Memories for Colectiv

“Every moment alters what came before. We reach across layers of time for the memories of our memories.”James Gleick

In contemplating the nature of time, there is always a single significant event that confronts our humanity with its short existencelife. By formalizing this great anxiety of limited time we have in life, in a creative act, I'm aiming to annotate what I think about time, and to reveal a fantastical memory of mooring deaths that were not yet meant to come.

Based on the controversial Colectiv nightclub fire, where 64 people were killed by fire in the club building where they were cheering for a rock band last year in Bucharest, these animate photographs freeze time and set at rest the artifice and limitation of reality. The series aims to capture the healing power of memories.

Departing from the writings published in the 22nd issue of DoR which reflected also the history of Colectiv event as we were left standing lonesome but many, the photographs poetically tell the story of those who chose to remember. The photographs become living memories for accepting an ironic death which ultimately shall heal the pain, and become the calming binding to bridge the soul and mind with reality's paradox.

In these photographs, the moving character of the real and imaginative elements highlights the depth of time, of existence. The photographs' motion defy the traditional principals of the still image, and try to honor and keep alive the memory of those who died. These photographs were created in memory of Cristian Mitroi and all the victims of Colectiv tragedy.



Afternoon Tea with Miss Babacilu and the Sixth Blog Anniversary

So perfect, so poetic, so simple! Each time I receive mail from Miss Babacilu, I'm eager to open the box to see what gracious marvels hid inside. This time around was no different, once the box was opened, tea flavors hit my senses and charming jewelry sparkled, being ready to be worn. I feel blessed by the beautiful friendship I share with Ioana, the very talented jewelry designer of Miss Babacilu, that creates feminine and delicate adornments inspired by the tea's aura and rituals. The poetic spirit she puts in her handmade jewelry lives in the moment and serves today, at my 6th blog anniversary, as the inspiration behind my photo essay.

Being pen-pals and sharing our artistic thoughts for so many years already, many of the stories you can find here, on the blog, I felt that it was right to create a story inspired by the things that influence myself and Ioana. Tea, memories and how time, past and present, shapes our thoughts and existence, were at the root of my artistic inspiration. My favorite, Jane Austen, couldn't have found a better time to let her romantic influence on this beautiful friendship and artistic story.

It's been six years since I first begun to write, cook and photograph on this blog, and so many stories I have shared here, and many more will come. Looking back, I see my progress through this adventure, determination and desire to create and share the things in which I believe. I do hope that my journey has and will inspire the ones that read this blog and find inspiration in my creations. It's right to remember, be nostalgic and appreciate these memories, and given this occasion, Miss Babacilu's creations were perfect to celebrate how wonderful this blog has been over the years.

Thus, my afternoon tea photo essay celebrates and contemplates the meaning of nostalgia of home viewed through the aura of the British life of the 18th century. The series makes a powerful case for the importance of memories, and paints a charming portrait of the feeling of stepping back into a simpler time infused with calmness and beauty. By romanticizing the elegance and etiquette of Jane Austen's writings, this series is honoring the ritual of drinking tea in an intimate home setting, and is imagining a more noble approach to social conventions. Featuring Miss Babacilu's jewelry perfect for any gatherings, the series takes the viewer into an imaginative and charming home story inspired by an Austen's atmosphere. Enjoy my living stills inspired by Miss Babacilu's jewelry and gifts, Jane Austen and the essence of this blog!

Afternoon Tea Living Still
Steaming Tea Living Still

Miss Babacilu Jewelry Living StillAfternoon Tea Gabriela Iancu 1 Afternoon Tea Gabriela Iancu 2 Afternoon Tea Gabriela Iancu 3 Afternoon Tea Gabriela Iancu 5
Afternoon Tea Gabriela Iancu 7 Afternoon Tea Gabriela Iancu 8
Afternoon-Tea Miss Babacilu Gabriela Iancu 4